The Pineapple Project

There is nothing more refreshing than a freshly cut up pineapple. Well, except for maybe a fresh watermelon and a glass of sweet tea, but other than that…

There is also nothing quite like pineapple tongue. You know when quarter of the way through the juicy yellow goodness you say, “My tongue is really gonna hurt if I keep eating this,” but you just can’t stop poppin’ it in your mouth? Then you say, “Good gosh my tongue hurts,” and you can’t hardly eat anything else for the rest of the day? That’s pineapple tongue. I think pineapple tongue is totally worth it.

So, friends, let us embark on the Pineapple Project.

A couple of years ago I REALLY wanted to grow my own pineapple. I had been told that you could plant one from a store-bought fruit and it would produce about a year later. A lot of seeds & plantings from grocery store-bought fruits will grow, but they won’t produce… i.e. pomegranates & some apples. I followed the instructions given to me and planted my pineapple top and my plant began to grow. Fast forward 2 years… huge plant, no fruit. I was beginning to give up, until I discovered a few weeks ago that it was growing a baby pineapple! I though it would be a fun project to document, and that is that.

This is about a week after  I noticed something growing inside my plant. Cute, isn’t it? Stay tuned for more growing pineapple pictures and a how-to on starting your own!


3 thoughts on “The Pineapple Project

  1. That is probably the cutest a plant could get… oh my gosh. Growing a pineapple? I’ve never even thought of that, but then I read things like this and think, “Now I want to grow a _____!” Insert something lovely and exotic…

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