Pineapple Project – Round 3

Hi friends. I know it’s been awhile… sorry. I’ve been busy busy busy! I have all sorts of fun things planned though… like Angel Food Birthday Cake and the How to Grow a Pineapple part of this project. And Springerles… mmmm… cookies from Christmases past.

Anyways, back on track… I’ve kind of lost track of time, but I think it’s been about a month since I first noticed the growing fruit. I love in the above picture how the middle is fuzzy & the outsides are nice & crisp.

It’s starting to look like an actual pineapple now, with the crown starting to stick up and all. We have been getting a lot of good rain here in Sarasota lately, so I am sure my little guy is lovin’ it and just soaking it all in!


5 thoughts on “Pineapple Project – Round 3

  1. The bigger it gets and with that pinkish, reddish coloring, it is beginning to look a little menacing, with all the points and such! Maybe give it a gentle and sweet name, like Sofia the Pineapple…

  2. Wow – how neat! Are you going to sacrifice Sofia the pineapple to the kitchen eventually? What will you make?

    I love that you have a blog now! You can come see me too:

    • Oh, she will be sacrificed. She will probably mostly just wind up being cut up & eaten fresh. Maybe some smoothies or some kind of sweet pineappley dessert!

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