Pineapple Project – Round 5

Yes, I realize it has been more than 3 weeks since I last posted about Sofia, my lovely pineapple. You see, the truth is, I see her every day, so I tend to think that she isn’t changing very much. When I look at old pictures, I realize that she IS changing, just not as quickly as when I first noticed her.

Her top is getting taller, and her color is changing ever so slightly. And she is good and, um, plump. (I would never call her fat… don’t want to give her a complex.) Her fruit has stopped growing for the most part, and now I am just waiting for her to start ripening a little bit before I cut her from the stalk.

And then, I am going to eat her. Muaahahahaha.

Oh, and you can’t see it here, but the Mama plant is starting to grow a pup! I will post about Pineapple Pups soon!


11 thoughts on “Pineapple Project – Round 5

  1. Oh my, for awhile I thought you had already eaten Sofia! However, I see now that she is still ripening.

    You know what this whole project makes me think of? Hansel and Gretel. Sofia is Hansel/Gretel, getting plumped up and ready to be devoured!!

  2. On a trip to Honduras last year (pre-coup), we drove through a pineapple field to get to a hiking-to-a-waterfall spot. I swear the plants were so spikey they looked dangerous! And all of the baby pineapples had little white baggies around them.. maybe to protect from pests..?

    But nothing tastes as good as fresh, just picked pineapple. I wouldn’t cook with this stuff — it’s too good for that — just eat it raw!

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