Saying Goodbye to Sofia

The last time we visited Sofia, my lovely pineapple from the Pineapple Project, it was September. Yup. Long time ago. Back in September, her fruit was pretty much full grown and I was just waiting for her to ripen and turn yellow.

Well, turn yellow she did! On December 5 I noticed her bottom was starting to turn, and by December 10, the whole fruit was this beautiful golden color!

So, I did what any good mother would do and I cut her off her stalk. So I could eat her.

And eat her we did! I sliced up the most aromatic, sweet pineapple I have ever tasted and hubby and I went to town. Is this what “the fruits of your labor” means??

I also prepped the top for planting and a month later, it is growing strong in a pot outside. I decided to put it in a pot for the winter, and I will transfer it to the ground come spring.

I first noticed Sofia’s bud near the beginning of July and she was ready to pick near the beginning of December. 5 months = a long time to wait for fruit. But, it was really fun to to watch her grow. The mama plant that Sofia came from has a pup on it, which I will post about later, and I hope that pup will give off some fruit this summer.

Thanks for letting me share my Pineapple Project with you!


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