Merry Christmas to… me. And maybe you!

Shutterfly is doing something super awesome for bloggers. They are giving away 50 FREE holiday cards to bloggers who write a post about them. How cool is that? I’ll tell you how cool… pretty dang-gum cool.
Usually, Hubby & I send out funny photo cards for Christmas… and by funny I mean they are usually mildly inappropriate. That ain’t gonna happen this year, what with the baby and all. We are going to try to get a sweet picture or two of Bug on the beach and use that as our photo this year. After looking through the HUNDREDS of awesome cards Shutterfly has to offer, these are the cards that I am considering… it will all come down to which picture(s) we choose & what card Hubby likes:

I love the vintage look of this card. I think it would look fantastic with a black & white photo of Bug on the beach with a red Santa hat.

I love the simplicity of the gift tag on this one. I like the folded card because I have the option to add a little message inside about what Bug is up to!

This one is straightforward… and I love the stars!

Ummm, LOVE the bright, happy colors! I am all about bright & happy!

I have to say, though… free cards or not, I LOVE Shutterfly. When Bug was born, we wanted to find a way besides Facebook to be able to share pictures of him growing up with our family & friends. I spent a lot of time looking at all of the photo-sharing websites, and Shutterfly was by far my favorite. Through your account, you can create a share site and basically create a personal website for sharing photos, videos & general updates on your family. You invite people via email to be a member, and only those people can access your site. I love how easy it is to create & update, and how easy it is for our friends and family to look around.

In addition to the share site, I plan on putting together a photo book for Eli’s first 6 months, and then for each year after that. I just think it will be such a nice way to be able to look back upon his childhood!

Hubby & I are also planning on buying a photo calendar for, umm, somebody, for Christmas… and these awesome coffee mugs for some others.

If you are a blogger and would like to participate in Shutterfly’s holiday card promotion, just click here to sign up!


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