Switching Gears

I started this blog as a baking blog.  Because I like to bake and I like to write.  And I had the time to do so… to bake & take pictures of yummy things, to edit the pictures, to write up the directions and the recipes and make pretty recipe cards.  Now… I just don’t have that time. Raising a kid, spending time with Hubby and working full time will do that to you.  Still though, I miss blogging.  I mean, I still READ blogs every day, but I miss writing and being an active part of a community.

When I started this blog, I primarily read food blogs, with a few others in there for good measure and good laughs.  (Hyperbole and a Half anyone? Pee my pants.)  Once I got pregnant and had a baby, I began to read a lot of parenting and baby blogs… and now, that is mostly what I read.  I also write daily posts in my head about what my baby bee is doing and reviews of products and other random daily-life things.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I still love my food blogs (Must read: Joy the Baker. Go. Now.)… it just isn’t where my head is right now.

The point of this whole thing is… I think I am going to switch bloggie (bloggy???)  gears.  I think I am going to try to turn this whole thing around and become more of a Mommy blog.  I will still cook & bake and post recipes when I have time (ha!).  But, mostly, I will write about my baby bee.  Sound good to you?  Awesome.


4 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. I think that’s an awesome idea! And why not! Makes perfect sense to switch gears…in addtion, you may have some baby food creations up your sleeve to share as well and there are lots of mommies who are into that these days! Go for it!

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