Meet the Bug

This is my baby bee.  His name is Bug.  Actually, his name is Eli.  Fine… it’s Elijah, but we call him Eli. And Bug.

He’s never ever going to grow up and will be my baby forever. He’ll be one in two weeks.  He’s a wild man.

Bug is a happy and very busy little guy.  He’s walking now, which is awesome.  People always warn you that “it’s all over once they start walking.”  I find the opposite to be true.  For our little guy, it is just beginning.  When the walking commenced, the clinging ceased.  He is content to play on his own and walk circles around the house all by himself for long periods of time.

Bug is a good listener, but he’s a sneaky one.  If you tell him not to touch something that he’s not supposed to play with, he’ll pick it up and hand it to you.  ‘Cause, you know, that way he gets to touch it anyways.  Sometimes he will pick something ‘illegal’ up and carry it to the other room to give it to you.  Sneaky sneaky.

That’s all for now… I’ll a more in depth post of his likes & dislikes in a couple of weeks when the boy turns ONE.


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