Water. Baby.

 See that little baby toddler walking all by himself straight for a giant (to him) fountain of water?  That’s my son.  Fearless.

You see, Bug is a Water. Baby. It helps that he lives in a beach town in a hot place with parents and grandparents who would almost always prefer to be doing something outside in any kind of water.  We have a great little splash pad in our little downtown area for kids to play in.  And Bug doesn’t like to play in the little tiny outskirt fountains meant for the little kids.  Oh, no.  He likes to run through middle… through the big streams of water with the big kids.  Before he could walk unassisted, this meant that Mommy got to run through the big fountains, too.  Now I get to (mostly) avoid them!


Buggy also really loves to go swimming in the pool.  We started ‘dunking’ him under about a month ago and he is getting so good at it!  We (either me or Hubby) bounce slowly up and down, count to three and make a big show of holding our breath, then we blow in his face (helps him hold his breath) and gently put his head under.  He takes a breath before he goes under and comes with up the funniest face… then he laughs and starts bouncing to do it again.

Mr. Man is a pro at diving into the pool.  He’ll sit on the side and on the count of three will jump off into your arms.  Well, Daddy’s arms.  For some reason he won’t do it for Momma… I am obviously not as cool as the Da-da.

The beach is obviously a huge hit.  Shells are awesome toys (no, no Eli… not in your mouth) and waves coming up do not bother Bug in the least.  In fact, the bigger the better.  He better get used to those big waves, because surfing is pretty much his only option for pro sports.  Or maybe soccer.  Hubby and I are pretty small people, so poor Eli has no hopes of becoming a basketball or a football player.

Hubby and I feel so blessed to live where we do… beautiful weather and water and lots of fun outdoor activities for our boy.

What do you do with your kids outside?


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