Product Review: Tommee Tippee Bottles & Bibs

As a first time breastfeeding Mom, I got nervous & anxious & oh-my-God-if-I-choose-the-wrong-bottle-will-my-baby-go-hungry-forever-and-never-nurse-again about feeding supplies.  I wanted my little baby bee and I to have an awesome breastfeeding relationship, but I needed him to take milk from a bottle as well because I was going back to work just 6-8 weeks after he was born.  More than anything, I wanted him to be able to go back and forth from bottle to breast without a problem.  I did a lot of research on the best bottles for breastfed babies and wasn’t super happy with what I found.  And then I found Tommee.  I am just going to go into bottles & bibs on this post… I’ll get into other feeding items later on.

A year ago, when Buggy was born, Tommee Tippee was fairly new in the United States.  It has been around in Great Britain for decades and made it’s debut in Babies-R-Us stores in the US last year.  My biggest problem with other bottles: they didn’t look like boobs.  Not that Tommee Tippee bottles look exactly like boobs or anything, but the nipple base is nice and wide and round and soft… pretty much as close to a Momma as plastic/rubber can get.  So, based pretty much solely on the shape of the nipple, I decided to go with Tommee Tippee bottles for Bug.

We use(d) two bottle sizes of Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles – the 5oz & the 9oz:

I don’t remember exactly, but I think we only used the 5oz until he was 10-12 weeks old.  Which means we really only used that size for about 2 months.  Realistically, you could probably get away with only buying the bigger ones.

Some things I love about these bottles:

  • Not a lot of parts. Bottle. Nipple. Nipple ring. Cap. That’s it. No fooling around with inserts or crazy contraptions.  (They do carry a sensitive tummy bottle that has one extra piece.)
  • Dishwasher safe.  We used the microwave sterilizer once. Pain/waste of money/don’t bother.  We then hand-washed bottles for about 3 days.  I heart my dishwasher.
  • No leaking issues.  I have read reviews where people said theirs leaked.  We have never had an issue with leaking.  I call user error.
  • Easy for little hands to grip.  ‘Nough said.
  • Easy to read markings.  Measurements are clear and haven’t worn off in the least in almost a year.

Some things I don’t love about these bottles:

  • Nothing.  Seriously.  I can’t think of a single complaint.

I would like to add a tidbit about teaching a breastfed baby how to use a bottle… it takes practice.  They have to suck pretty hard to get milk out of Momma at first… to get her milk to let down.  That isn’t necessary with a bottle.  Bug did a lot of choking and drinking too fast when he first started the bottle (he was 3 weeks old).  So much so that I went and bought a bunch of other brands of bottles (Avent, Dr. Brown’s & Born Free) to see if it was the bottle’s fault.  Turns out that he did the least amount of choking with Tommee Tippee.  Yay wasted money on other bottles.  After 3 or 4 weeks on 1 bottle a day, he got the hang of it and learned the difference between getting milk out of the bottle versus the boob.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles: 5/5 stars

Onto the bibs: The Milk Feeding Bib:

Best. Bibs. Ever.

Lemme start by pointing out that most bibs have neck holes that were WAY TOO BIG for my baby.  So, when he a wee one learning how to not dribble milk everywhere, he got nasty, stinky spud-neck all in his neck rolls no matter what bib we put on him.  Until we got these bibs.  They get all snuggly in their neck folds and catch the milk!  Genius I say.  Not a single complaint here, either.

Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bib: 5/5 stars

The other bib we use from Tommee is the Explora Easi-roll bib:

This bib should probably be included with the rest of the ‘big guy’ feeding supplies, but since it’s a bib, I’ll review it here.

Things I like about these bibs:

  • They are rubber and super easy to clean
  • The pocket sticks out a bit, which makes it a great food-catcher (totally it’s purpose) and also makes it easy for Bug to reach in and get whatever he dropped.
  • Stays put… the kid can’t pull it off.  He can pull hard enough to de-velcro other bibs, but to no avail with this one!

Things I don’t like about these bibs:

  • The neck hole is too big (surprise!!), even on the 1st hole. I fixed that, though, by cutting a new hole.
  • On our high chair, the pocket sometimes slides below the high chair tray… and then it gets stuck and Bug can’t sit up straight and it pisses him off.
  • Not very flexible, but that’s really no biggie.

Overall, this is the bib we end up using the most.  We have a couple of the more flexible pocket bibs and we go back to the Explora bib time & time again.

Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Roll Bib: 4/5 stars

**When & was preggo I spent lots and lots of time reading obsessing over reviews on various baby gear.  Let me throw it out there that I am (or try to be) a pretty basic & laid back Momma.  I knew I didn’t need or want wipe warmers & super fancy strollers (though in hindsight, I wish I had gotten a BOB).  I did know, however, that the baby items that I did feel were necessary needed to be the best for us.  More than anything, I liked reading real reviews from real Moms… so hopefully my little reviews will help some new mother make a decision that she feels good about.  This review has not been compensated by Tommee Tippee or anyone else.  In fact, I have paid them to review their product by purchasing said product.  So there.


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