Stuff I Feed My Kid: Quesadillas

Now that Bug is a big 1 years old (grammatically incorrect… I know), he is eating a lot more ‘table food.’  (I, personally, think that ‘table food’ is a strange phrase.  Is it called that because it is meant to be eaten primarily off of the table?  Shouldn’t it just be called ‘real people food’ or ‘big boy food’ or ‘adult food?’… but I digress).  One thing I make that is easy, yummy for the whole family and nutritious is quesadillas.  Which spell check doesn’t recognize.

Anywho… here’s how you make quesadillas for da baby.

What you need (makes 2 quesadillas):

  • 4 6″ whole wheat tortillas (totally cool with spell check, in case you were wondering)
  • Shredded cheese of your choosing – I like the Mexican blend… about a cup
  • Finely chopped mushrooms… about a cup
  • 3 or 4 stalks of green onion… finely chopped
  • Finely chopped baby spinach… 1-2 cups
  • 1/2 cup mashed up cooked black beans & finely diced chicken (this is another recipe in and of itself… I just diced up some cooked chicken and mixed it with mashed up black beans and chopped cilantro. Yum)
  • Olive oil

Mix together mushrooms and green onions in a bowl and add a little salt & pepper (if you wish).

Pour a little olive oil (2 teaspoons) in a saute pan over medium heat.  Add mushrooms & green onions and heat until the mushrooms look, well, cooked… about 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add spinach and cook until wilted… only about a minute or so.  Put mixture into a dish and set aside.  Wipe out the pan with a towel.

Pour another teaspoon of olive oil in the pan, again over medium heat.  Place a tortilla in the pan and layer: 1/4 cup cheese, 1/2 of the veggie mix, 1/2 of the black bean mix, 1/4 cup cheese.

Top with another tortilla and turn over after a minute or two… remove quesadilla from pan once all the cheese in melted & the tortillas are browned.

Cut into bite size pieces for the little one.  Just make sure it cools down before you feed it to them!  Bug only eats about half a quesadilla… and he loves them with some sour cream to dip them into.  See?  Easy-peasy!  And, a great thing about quesadillas are they can be ‘stuffed’ with just about anything.  I made some for hubby & I the other night with red & green bell peppers, spinach and chicken with a little paprika thrown in for good measure.  Delicious.  Make these soon… and enjoy!


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