5 Posts About Pineapples

Kat over at Living Like the Kings does a Friday 5 every week.  Now, I’m not saying I will actually participate every week… because if I do say that I will most certainly fail… but I will TRY to participate!  This week’s topic is your 5 favorite blog posts.  My favorites thus far were a series that I did on growing your own pineapple.  These posts also happen to be one of the most searched for topics on my blog.  Along with 7-minute icing. Weird.

Okay, here we go:

1. How to Grow Your Own Pineapple

A step-by-step tutorial (with pictures!) on how to grow your own pineapple plant from fruit you bought at the store.

2. The Pineapple Project

The beginning of my documentation of the first pineapple plant I grew… and the only one that has yet to bear fruit.  This is just after I noticed the fruit growing (mid July).  I have one other plant that is still only about half this size after 2 years and then there was the one that died.  I don’t really want to talk about it.  (Actually, I do… more about that below.)

3. The Pineapple Project – Round 3

Mid-August – About a month after the fruit started to grow.  At this point, a reader suggested that I name her Sofia.  And so I did.

4. The Pineapple Project Round 5

September – About 2 months in, Sofia was nearly fully grown, but still very green (her body, not just her foliage).  It took her until December to turn a beautiful goldeny-yellow.

5. Saying Goodbye to Sofia

We cut her into chunks and ate her.  She was sweet and delicious… better than almost any other pineapple I have ever eaten.  )The exception is fresh pineapple shared with Hubby on a remote beach in Costa Rica.)  This same plant grew another pineapple this year…also delicious.

And now I would like to speak about the pineapple plant that died.  You see, I prepped Sofia’s top and planted it just like I had done before… except for I planted her in a large pot.  She thrived.  In fact, within a year she grew to the size of her Mama plant and was triple the size of another pineapple that I planted in the ground at the same time as her.  Unfortunately, though, I was afraid she had gotten to big for her pot.  She didn’t mind, but I really wanted fruit from her.  Plus, there was no good place to put said pot where she wouldn’t poke us every time we walked by.  Kinda feisty, that one.  So, Hubby and I picked out a nice sunny spot in the yard by our backflow preventer (some unsightly pipes right in the middle of our side yard) and transplanted her.  After almost having to break the pot to get her out.  She seemed to be doing well there… staying green and growing even bigger.  And then.  One day I noticed she was starting to yellow.  I went to investigate and saw that her whole insides were rotten.  Apparently, that spot was too wet for her.  Makes sense, because the grass is always greener and longer right under those pipes.  Pineapples are tropical plants.  They like water, but they like water from the top… they do not like to sit in it.  It was a sad day.


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