Vacation! Part 1 = Orlando

Last week, we went on our first vacation as a family.  It was a truly wonderful week.  Because it was a two part vacation, I am going to break it up into 2 posts.  First, we went to the Orlando (well, Winter Park, really) to visit some of my mom’s family.  Buggie got to spend some quality time with some Great Aunts & Uncles, Great-Grandma and my cousin Katie… who I somehow managed to not get a picture of, which stinks because she was so amazing with Bug.  He took to her immediately.  She needs to be a nanny or something.

Anyways… Bug had his first experience with stairs.  He went up & down & up & down (& up & down & up & down).  By the end of our two days, he had figured out how to walk up holding the rails.  I tell you what, though… going down was a lot harder for the little guy than going up!

We had lunch at my Aunt & Uncle’s house on Sunday afternoon and then rode bikes around Baldwin Park, towing Bug in one of those bike trailer thingies that we borrowed from a neighbor.  For the record… he much prefers the WeeRide that we have at home.  Of course, no pictures of the unhappy boy in his trailer.  I wish I thought to take some, mostly because we borrowed a very pretty pink helmet along with the trailer.  We rode over to the restaurant where my cousin Sarah works to have dinner.  Yay steak fries!

On Monday, while the fam was at work we headed to Capeheart Park so Bug could play on the splash pad, which is pretty much his favorite thing ever.  I got the idea to take him to Capeheart from my most favoritest blog.  Katie over at Marriage Confessions did a post on taking her son to splash pads in Orlando.  So, I googled splash pads in Orlando and this was the closest to where we were.  Of course, I figured out once we got there that it wasn’t one of the ones Katie wrote about, dashing my hopes of meeting her & Bean.  Not all was lost, however, because not only did Bug have a fantastic time, but Daddy did, too.  You see, it was his first time seeing Eli doing his favorite thing and he totally reveled in watching his little guy in his element.

Monday night we joined up with the fam for dinner at Brio.  Yum.  We even managed to get a decent family picture (minus Aunt Jody – the photographer).  Evidently someone said something funny because I have my weird scrunchy laugh face on.

After dinner we went to Haagen-Dazs on Park Avenue for some ice cream.  My cousin Elliott worked there when he was in high school like 10 years ago.  That place hasn’t changed one bit.  Well, except for the free ice cream part. Darnit.

Tuesday morning we started to head towards Vacation Destination Part 2, which was a 2 hour drive away.  We had some time to kill before our drive-when-the-baby-is-napping plan could take effect, so we stopped at Downtown Disney for some free fun.  Namely we wanted to check out the Lego store.  I would like to point out that the Maleficent Dragon behind us is made entirely of little Legos.  I really wanted to touch it.  Probably why it is surrounded by glass.

In all seriousness, the Lego store was awesome.  They have special tables set up outside where kids can build Lego OR Duplo creations to their hearts content.  Inside there is a ton of room to run around, life-size Woody & Buzz Lightyear characters (made out of Legos, obvi) and little kiosks where kids can put together their own Lego men (for fun or to purchase).  Hubby was in heaven.  After that, we walked around a Disney toy store, where Bug proceeded to give slimy kisses to every stuffed Eeyore, Mickey, Nemo, etc, etc, etc that he could get his hands on.  Sorry Disney, my kid totally made out with your toys.  And we didn’t even buy anything.

Part 2 to follow – how to fish with a baby on a boat!


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