Vacation! Part 2 = How to Fish With a Baby on a Boat

Part two of our first family vacation took part at Camp Mack’s River Resort on the Kissimmee River in Lake Wales, FL.  Sounds fancy, huh?  Let me assure you… it was not.  Which means it was perfect for us.  We aren’t exactly fancy people.  We were right on the Kissimmee River and a 5-minute boat ride from two great bass fishing lakes.

We rented a little cabin that was built out over the river.

The cabin was on stilt pilings… one of which (okay, maybe two of which) was held together by 2-by-4s and some string.  I’m not going to mention whose room that piling was under.  The good old boys (emphasis on old) that hung out around the bait shop told us not to worry about the pilings.  So, we didn’t.  And… we survived.

Hubby had the brilliant idea to put a Pack-N-Play in the boat for Bug to play in while we fished.  This was brilliant for 2 reasons: 1) he would be forced to stay under the shade of the bimini and not get sunburned and 2) he wouldn’t be able to jump out of the boat.  My husband is one smart dude.

So, how did the very busy & active Bug do on the boat confined in his play pen for 3 straight mornings?  Fantastic!  The first day he wasn’t too happy to start out with, but then we gave him some food and he was good to go.  The second day he was perfect… he even took a nap!  The third day was a little touch & go with a bit of complaining, but he was still a very good boy.  Disclaimer:  he was only in the play pen without a life vest while we were anchored & fishing.  Anytime we were underway (moving) he had his life vest on.

He was so tuckered out after the first morning of playing & eating (mostly eating) in the boat that he conked out on the ride back to the house.  He very rarely will sleep in our arms, so this was kind of a nice treat for Momma.

The fishing was great.  We ate (my) fresh bass for dinner.

Bug even liked it!

When we weren’t fishing, we played in the pool…

…played with pots & pans and (un-opened) soda cans…

…read lots of books…

…and did lots of relaxing.

Hubby and I even got to enjoy a couple of beautiful sunsets on the balcony.  All-in-all, I’d say it was a perfect first family vacation.


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