1 Year Letter


Let’s start off by saying that I didn’t write you a letter every month of your first year.  Sorry ’bout that.  I probably won’t write you one every month of your second year either.  Let’s shoot for every 6 months, k?  Also, this letter is almost a month late… which tells you something about your mother.  I am almost always late.  But then again, so were you!

I’m not quite sure how to recap the entirety of this last incredible year into one letter, but here we go…

You made your entrance into this world a week late (see, just like your Momma!).  You were comfy and we had to persuade you to come out and show your cute self.  The first 6 weeks are a total blur, but I remember some serious crying right at 6 weeks.  Overall, though, you were a pretty easy newborn.

For the first several months of your life, Daddy & I (and everyone else) got into the really awful habit of holding you for your naps, which was to become pretty much the only snuggle time we got in your first year.  You are not the most cuddly baby… you are WAY to busy for all of that mushy stuff!  Anyways, it took some getting used to for you to nap in your crib, but once you got the hang of it, you became a great napper.  You’ve slept at night in your crib since you were 2 days old and have always been a great sleeper at night; 12 hours at 12 weeks.  Mommy & Daddy really appreciated that.

We started feeding you solids right at 4 months and you were definitely ready.  You liked just about everything we fed you, but bananas and sweet potatoes were by far your favorites at the beginning.  Sweet tooth!  You have always enjoyed your food, but you really seemed to get into it once you could pick stuff up and feed yourself.  Your favorite foods are still the sweet things… raspberries, blueberries, bananas… but you also love avocado spread on bread, zucchini, cheese and turkey.  You’ll eat your veggies, but we usually kind of have to talk you into them.  At this point in your young life, you hate tomatoes.

You were pretty spot on with your milestones this year… even early on a lot of them.  You rolled over at 3 months and sat by yourself at 5 months.  You never really crawled, but you had a signature scoot that we dubbed the “gimp crawl” where you pulled yourself with both arms and then followed with your right knee and left foot on the ground.  Special boy.  You walked right at 11 months and haven’t looked back.  We think you’ve said your first word, though it sounds nothing like what you are trying to say.  Whenever you see a cat, you follow it around whispering “tatatatata.”  That’s the only time we ever hear you say that.

At one year, you have 4 teeth (2 bottom and 2 large ones on top).  Your light brown hair is filling in a little more every day.  You point at all kinds of stuff.  We think you actually mean it when you say “Dadada.”  You love to push things… especially the kitchen chairs.  You love to close doors.  You strawberry birthmark is getting a little smaller.  You have a new bruise almost daily from going. going. going. and then falling.  You love the water… swimming, splash parks, all of it.  You do not love the nursery at church.  (Our number gets flashed on the screen just about every week.  They’ve suggested that we volunteer.)  You love music & dancing.  You love taking things apart and putting them back together.  You think the Dadda is way cooler than the Momma, unless you get hurt… then you want the Momma.  You love all of your grandparents dearly and your blue eyes light up every time you see one of them.  You give the best kisses in the whole entire world… and you give them often.

Baby boy, your Daddy and I love you more than we ever could have imagined.  You bring an incredible amount of joy and laughter into our home every single day.  We are already so proud of you, buddy.

All my love and hugs and kisses,

Mommy & Daddy


**Thanks so much to Valerie Gipe of Valerie Joy photography for the beautiful photos of my family.  If you live in the Sarasota area, you definitely need to check her out!  Here’s her blog and her website.

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11 thoughts on “1 Year Letter

  1. Just checking out your blog via Jenna’s Journey Commenting Challenge! Your baby boy’s eyes are adorable and I love your pictures of Sarasota. We are headed there next week for vacation and can’t wait (we live in NW Arkansas)!

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