Almost Rainy Day

We’ve had a lot of almost rainy days here lately.  You know the kind… it is cloudy and gray and threatening to rain all day.  Days like this make it hard to plan activities for busy busy one year old boys.  I’d love to take Bug to the pool, but I’d hate to pack everything up and then have to leave 5 minutes after we get there because it starts thundering.  I’d love to go to the splash park, but I’d hate to strap him in the car for the 15 minute drive if we’re just going to have to turn around and come home as soon as we get there.  I mean, he’s only 1.  There aren’t a lot of (free) indoor activities for kiddos his age.  And he gets bored playing inside our house almost-rainy-day after almost-rainy-day.

So, I decided it was high time to take advantage of the sprinkler.  My friend Keri gave Eli this adorable alligator sprinkler several months ago, but he wasn’t really interested in it at the time.  He couldn’t walk yet and just didn’t think it was all that cool.

But, now?  Now, he thinks the sprinkler is pretty darn awesome.  It is apparently super fun to put your hand over the holes to try to make the water stop coming out from the top.  The gator opens it’s mouth and spits water out… and it is also super fun to try to keep it’s mouth closed.

Mommy thought this outdoor activity was great.  Buggy got to get wet and play outside, and when it started thundering 15 minutes into playing, we just turned off the hose and went inside.

What do you with your kids on Almost Rainy Days?

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16 thoughts on “Almost Rainy Day

  1. I love sprinkler time with the kids. It has only rained 1 day here in the last 100 days (or something crazy like that), so I am secretly wishing for rain day. Send it our way!

  2. I know what you mean about the rain…it seems to rain here (in Florida) every afternoon in July. It’s so hard to make plans with small kids. I love the alligator sprinkler! Stopping by from Jenna’s commenting challege.

  3. He’s absolutely adorable! I may have to get me an alligator sprinkler now…looks like a blast!

    Is he too young for Chick-fil-a’s playground?

    • Thanks! The sprinkler is pretty darn cool!

      I haven’t taken him to Chick-fil-a’s playground yet… he might be a little small, but he’s fearless so he would probably have a blast. Heck… I would have a blast! I’ll have to take him soon!

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