Kids Are Funny Friday

So, I recently found out that a girl that I went to school with has an awesome blog… The Adventures of MommyHaha.  Her name is Tara.  I remember her as being sweet & kind & adorable.  She is still sweet & kind & adorable… except for nowadays she’s all of those things with the cutest kids ever.  And she loves Jesus, which is pretty awesome.  Oh, and also pretty awesome… her and her husband are about to adopt a child from Uganda.

Anywho, every Friday she does a post called Kids Are Funny Friday as a way to keep with up the funny stuff her kiddos say & do.  I think it’s a brilliant idea and I am going to start.  Right.  Meow.  Just ignore the fact that it’s almost no longer Friday.

One of Buggy’s new favorite things to do is put towels or shirts over his face and walk around blindly.  Obviously, he runs into a lot of things.  Also obviously, this provides a lot of entertainment everyone else in the room.

Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Kids Are Funny Friday

  1. First of all, that IS so funny! I can just imagine him toddling around blindly. As if toddlers don’t run into enough things as it is, right?

    Thanks for the sweet shout out too 🙂 I have lots of memories of you being kind and sweet too. I do have to say though, that my most prominent Casey memory that I have retold many times is when we went to Busch Gardens, and you drank a big red drink. Then we went on Montu and you puked. And then we went on Questor and you puked some more in that tiny moving room. Fun middle school times!!!

    • Thank you for that trip down memory lane 🙂 I just about died laughing reading that, and my husband was like, “So that’s why you don’t drink smoothies and stuff before we go on airplanes.”

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