13 Months

Buggy turned 13 months old on Saturday.  He is now totally & completely a toddler.

Here is what he’s up to:

  • Walking & sort of running.  It’s more of a walking-really-really fast.
  • Dancing – by stomping his feet really fast & spinning in circles.
  • Getting more into the TV – he’ll actually sit and pay attention for like five whole minutes sometimes.  Not that I let me child watch TV.  Obviously.
  • Becoming more affectionate.  Still not a snuggler, but he is coming up to us now to give hugs and to pat your back and he sometimes wants to just sit in your lap… but not for very long.
  • Words: still just Dada and tatata (cat).  Grandma swears he said book.  I have yet to hear that one.  Oh, and he says nananana when he really wants something.
  • Still LOVES the pool & the beach & the splash park.  Any water will do, really.
  • Understands SO much.  He’ll follow simple commands like “put the book back on the shelf.”  If you say “it’s bathtime” he goes into the bathroom, “are you hungry?” he goes to his high chair, etc.
  • Really starting to like roughhousing.  Being thrown on the bed, wrestling on the floor… all very fun.
  • Starting to eat a little bit less.  Eating pretty much all table foods except for dinner… we still feed him his veggies.
  • If he doesn’t like what he is eating, he will take it out of his mouth and hand it to you.
  • Claps, waves, blows kisses, tries to do Itsy Bitsy spider, does the Indian (you know, when you clap your hand over your mouth and yell)
  • When he finds something on the floor, like a tiny piece of paper or trash, he picks it up and gives it to us to throw away.  Even in public, which is gross.
  • Takes two naps… one around 10am and one around 3pm
  • Goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up anywhere from 7-8am

We’ll see how much changes before next month!  Also, side note… that picture was from naptime the other day.  He slept for an hour like that.  Silly guy.


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