Product Review: Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups

A little while ago I posted a review on Tommee Tippee bottles.  While Buggy still takes a bottle before bed, he uses cups the rest of the day.  As I mentioned (several times) in that last review, I LOVE the Tommee Tippee line of products and, for the most part, we use their sippy cups.  Here’s what we use & what I think about them.

Before I go on, let me offer up that Bug could really care less what kind of cup he uses… he gets weirdly excited about cups of any kind.  He would probably prefer that we just gave him a regular ole cup to drink out of, but he has this fun tendency to flip it over when he’s sipped all he wants.  Not so fun for Momma.  That being said, though, he is actually really good at drinking out of a regular cup and we do practice that just about every day.  Anywho, point being that these opinions are mine only and not necessarily those of my baby.

Onto the good stuff:

The first sippy cups we used were the Li’l Sippee Spill Proof Trainer Cups.

We started with these when Bug was right at 6 months old.  We offered him just a couple ounces of water here and there when he ate Cheerios and Puffs and things of that nature.  He figured how to drink out of these pretty quickly, which I attribute mainly to the soft tops.  The base of the top is shaped really similarly to the base of the nipples on Tommee bottles.  The actual part that baby sips out of isn’t shaped like a nipple, but it is the same soft silicone and is similar enough that Bug knew to suck on it.

Things I like about these cups:

  • The soft silicone tops mentioned above provided a great transition from bottle to cup.
  • Baby doesn’t have to bite down to get a drink.  Side note: have you tried the cups that baby has to bite on to drink?  I don’t remember the brand name, but I tried one once and I could hardly drink out of it!
  • Easy for baby to hold on to and learn to tip.
  • 3 big parts = easy cleaning & assembly.

Things I don’t like about these cups:

  • Not so much spill proof as they are claimed to be.  Out of all the Tommee Tippee cups we use, these are the only ones that leaked… and regularly, at that.

Final note on these cups… though I would use them again as a beginning transition cup, the leaking led me to try the next kind of cup after just a couple of weeks.

Tommee Tippee Li’l Sippee Spill Proof Trainer Cups: 2.5/5 stars

The next cup we tried was the first in the Truly Spill Proof Trainer.  Shortly after that we added the Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cup.

The Trainer Cup is for 6 months and up, and Bug really had no problems adjusting to it.  It took a little time to get him used to tipping the cup up to drink, but that was mostly because I’d only put a couple of ounces of water in at a time and he’d have to tip it pretty high in order to get any liquid out.  The Sippy Cup is supposed to be for 9 months and up, but we gave it to Bug probably around 7 months or so.  These two cups are virtually the same, the only differences being the size & the handles.  The tops are even swappable.

Things I like about these cups:

  • The spout is soft, but not so soft that it feels like a bottle nipple.
  • Baby doesn’t have to bite down to get a drink.
  • Handles on the Trainer make it easy for baby to hold and tip.
  • Fun colors!
  • There is a cap for the spout attached to the lid.  It folds back during use.  Great for diaper bags!
  • I like that the cup is transparent… you can see just how much liquid is left inside.
  • It truly is spill proof.  I have read reviews where people have leaking issues, but it seems to mostly be user error… you really have to screw the lids on tight!
  • Extremely durable.  We’ve used the same 3 cups at least every other day for 6 months… through the dishwasher… and they still work like new.

Things I don’t like about these cups:

  • There are 4 parts… the lid, the cup & 2 little valve pieces.  Kind of a lot to keep up with.  Thankfully, they sell replacements.
  • Though Hubby & I quickly became experts at putting the valves together, they are kind of a pain.  I always assemble all of the lids right out the wash so that nobody else has to deal with them.

I would take the little valve things over any other cup just ’cause I like ’em so much!

Tommee Tippee Truly Spill Proof Trainers & Sippy Cups: 5/5 stars

The last Tommee cup that we use is the Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup.

We started using these just before Bug was 12 months (I think Tommee recommends them for 12 months & up) when he stopped taking a bottle during the day and started drinking his milk from a cup.  Bug took to the straw idea right away, though it did take a few days for him to figure out not to tip the cup. These are my favorites.

Things I like about these cups:

  • Again, very durable.
  • Again, they truly are spill proof.
  • Bug drinks really fast and often chokes himself… these seem to not let a ton of liquid through at once, so he rarely chokes himself.  Score.
  • They are insulated, so his milk stays cold longer.
  • He doesn’t have to suck super hard to get the liquid out.  Other straw cups seem to be less sensitive in that way.
  • Straw flips down for traveling… again, great for diaper bags!

Things I don’t like about these cups:

  • There are actually five parts to this cup: lid, cup, inner straw, outer straw/valve, plastic connector thingy.  The inner straw is supposed to stay in the lid, so technically I guess you could say there are 4 parts, but still.  We lost an inner straw within like 2 weeks.  Again, thankfully they sell replacements.
  • This cup is opaque, so no seeing how much liquid is left inside.  Bummer.  I feel like I constantly have to open it to check if there’s enough left.
  • The inner straw leaves about 1/3 of an inch of room in the bottom of the cup, so there is always liquid left over… and because I can’t see in the cup, I have to open to see if he’s got enough left to cover the straw.

Even with these few cons, I really love these cups.  We tend to use these for Bug’s milk & the other Truly Spill Proof cups for water throughout the day.  I rarely give Bug juice because of the sugar, plus he’s a fruit monster to begin with.

Tommee Tippee Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup: 5/5 stars

At home, the only other cups we give Bug (besides the occasional adult cup and a treat) are Tervis Tumblers.  Actually, the only cups Hubby & I ever use are Tervis Tumblers.  They make these great little 8oz cups that are perfect for little hands.  They made little sippy lids for them too.  These are NOT spill proof in any way, but they are still great.  Usually with one meal or snack I give Bug one of these cups with just a little water and no lid.  Makes for good practice.  We use these, too, when the other cups are in the dishwasher… which is often.  The Tumblers are cheap, super durable (they have a lifetime guarantee… just bring a damaged one back and they replace them no questions asked!) and they are made in Osprey, Fl, which is the next town over from mine.  The nice ladies that work at the store put Disney stickers on them for me, too, so they are super cute.

**When & was preggo I spent lots and lots of time reading obsessing over reviews on various baby gear.  Let me throw it out there that I am (or try to be) a pretty basic & laid back Momma.  I knew I didn’t need or want wipe warmers & super fancy strollers (though in hindsight, I wish I had gotten a BOB).  I did know, however, that the baby items that I did feel were necessary needed to be the best for us.  More than anything, I liked reading real reviews from real Moms… so hopefully my little reviews will help some new mother make a decision that she feels good about.  This review has not been compensated by Tommee Tippee or anyone else.  In fact, I have paid them to review their product by purchasing said product.  So there.


7 thoughts on “Product Review: Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups

  1. Hi, great review! I love the Tommee Tippee products, they are my favourite… 🙂 I haven’t seen you talk about “my” sippy cup though – maybe you haven’t tried and I totally recommend it to anyone:
    It’s 100% spil proof – at leasthas been, for me, and my baby does everything you can imagine with it! 😉
    Thanks for sharing, I already passed this site on. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! That is actually the one Tommee cup that we haven’t used. If we have another baby, I will use that cup instead of the Li’l Sippee. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hey! You’re welcome! 😉 You know… The Li’l Sippee was essential for my little one to get started with sippy cups… The soft spout as you know makes it so easy for them to drink, that I believe this was how the baby figured out the sucking out of it, etc.
    Ironically, we lost her sippy yesterday so we bought the other 2 you mentioned here – and I love them both! They work perfectly, no spills. They are just like the one I suggested for you though, so the Li’l Sippee would still be the easiest way for them to transition. 🙂
    I’ll read more of you later, I’m glad I found your blog! Have a great weekend. Or what’s left of it. 😉

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  4. i may be late to the game here, but as a new mom, im always looking for ways to save. i have tons of TT bottles and i do believe my son loves the TT nipples and went to transition to sippy cups and found that many of the cups are the same as the bottles with different lids, but they do NOT sell the lids separate! what a horrible way to treat ur customers! ive spent so much on bottles, and if you are inclined to keep your customer base, u should sell things that are interchangeable. Making me buy all new products (that are really the same as I already have) makes me decide to look at other companies since i have to start from scratch in building up my cup base anyway!

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