Vacation #2: Maggie Valley

We were so fortunate to be able to go on 2 vacations this summer… the first to Orlando & fishing on the Kissimmee River… and the second to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  You might have seen all my Vacation Snippets from my phone last week while we were up there, but I thought I’d do a little vacay recap, too… with pictures from a real camera :).

Each year, Hubby’s Nana (who is now Great Nana) rents Trapper’s Cabin in Maggie Valley.  The cabin a 15 minute drive up a mountain near the Cataloochee Ranch.  Seriously beautiful views.

Most of Hubby’s family was there:  Great Nana, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings… 16 of us were there at one point I think.  We had a truly wonderful time spending time with family that we generally only get to see this one time each year.

This year was extra-special, too, because there was a new generation to celebrate!  In the past year(ish), Great Nana welcomed THREE great-grandsons into her family… and all within 5 months of each other!  Two of the boys were able to make it to the reunion… Bug (obvi) and his second cousin Joshua (Hubby’s cousin’s baby).  At the beginning of the week, Bug made sure to supervise Joshua.

By the end of the week, these two were best buddies.  They had a ton of fun smiling at each other, playing together and trying to put toys in each others’ mouths.  We really wished that we lived closer to them!

So, what did we do in the mountains?  Well, Hubby, Scary Uncle Adam, Pops, Bug & I drove over to Gatlinburg one day to visit Hubby’s roommate and close friend from college.  We took the Blue Ridge Parkway and then drove through Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which was incredible.  We saw a black bear run across the road and elk grazing on the side of the road.  We also saw a pygmy goat roaming around a parking lot.  Weird.  We all wore creepy thrift store cat shirts just in case we got lost so we could find each other easily.  Except Bug… we totally need to get him a creepy cat shirt.

We let Scary Uncle Adam take Bug on the alpine slide at Ober Gatlinburg.  Ha!  As if!  Adam really wanted to take Bug on the slide, but I said, “NO WAY DUDE.”  So, we let him take the baby on the practice slide instead.  He was okay with that.

We got to play mountain golf THREE times, which was awesome.  We play at Iron Tree, which is too small and crappy to have a website.  Which is why we love it.  I can wear a tank top and nobody cares if we play a fivesome or a sixsome or if people share clubs or if everyone hits two tee shots (or two of every shot for that matter).  In a word, it’s the best-golf-course-ever.  Not to mention, the views are spectacular.

While we were off playing golf & horseback riding & tubing on Deep Creek, Bug got to spend lots of time playing with his Nana.  I think he’s a little upset that we’re home now and he doesn’t have a Nana-playmate 24 hours a day.  He’s back to only getting to see her twice a week.  Poor guy.

We were really close to the Cherokee Reservation, so Nana got Buggy some Indian Native American gear, which he loves.  He keeps bringing me the headdress and the moccasins to put on.  He had a fit this morning when I took them off for his nap!

It’s kind of a tradition on our family trips for everyone to get fake tattoos.  Great Nana even wore one a few years ago.  This year, Great Aunt Jan got a cougar on her chest, Hubby got a butterfly behind his ear, and Bug got a dragon on his chest.  He’s now officially a bad-ass.  Here is my baby – The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo:

Sad to think that we won’t get to see everyone for another year, but we had such a wonderful time hiking & eating & laughing & playing with babies this past week.  I can’t wait until next year!

Did you or are you taking a vacation this year?  Tell me about it!


6 thoughts on “Vacation #2: Maggie Valley

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  2. Hi Casey,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Maggie Valley to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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