14 Months

Well, Buggy is 14 months today.  Big guy.  Here’s what he’s up to:

  • Starting to climb everything.
  • Blowing bubbles in the water in the pool.  Couldn’t be much cuter.
  • Blowing bubbles in the water in his cups.  Not quite as cute.  Also, messier.
  • Words: still the obligatory ‘tatata’ (cat) and ‘Dadda’, but has now also added some animal noises: what does a cow say? ‘Moooo’ (or ‘boooooo’ as Bug says); Norman (the dog)? ‘Hhhahhhahhha’ (panting like the dog does); Ellie (the horse)? I don’t know how to put letters to this, but he blows a raspberry.  SO CUTE.
  • Also, if you talk about a cat, he puts his finger up to his mouth for ‘shhhh’ because Nana tells him to be quiet around the kitty.
  • Can touch his nose when asked.  Almost every time.  Will also touch his ears & his teeth.
  • Speaking of teeth… he went from 4 to 8!  His top two 1-year molars have popped in as well as 2 more top teeth.  Wouldn’t have known except I was poking my fingers around in his mouth one night the see if I felt any new teeth.  Guess that explains that loose poo as of late.
  • Really enjoys dropping things over his shoulders behind him.  Must get a video of that.
  • Attempts to do the spider during the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
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