Sicky Bee

For the past couple of days, Bug has been a sicky bee.  This is only the second time my healthy little man has been sick and it just breaks his Momma’s heart.  Several months ago he had a relatively high (102.5ish) fever for three days, then it broke and 24 hours later he broke out in a rash all over his chest & back.  Hello, roseola.

Tuesday he started with a low fever in the early afternoon that jumped up to 103.5 by the evening.  Poor little guy was felt like a furnace all night.  Today his temp is down to almost normal, but he’s still feeling kinda crappy.  So far, we’ve spent the day snuggling together and relaxing on the couch watching Curious George.  Snuggle time with Mr. Busy is pretty rare, so it’s been kind of nice to hunker down with him.  Not to mention, it’s been rainy the last couple of days.  Don’t you just love hanging out on the couch when it’s rainy??

On Tuesday, once Bug’s fever got above about 102 or so I gave him baby Tylenol (well, the generic version), which definitely only lasts for 4 hours with him.  I gave it to him every 4 hours throughout the night.  By the morning, we couldn’t give him any more acetaminophen for that 24 hour period (ummm, give every 4 hours but not more than 5 times in 24 hours?  Do that math… doesn’t add up!  Why not just say every 5 hours???), so we switched to baby Advil.  Awesome.  Gave it to him at 10am and his fever stayed away all day.  50 points for Advil.

On a completely different note: TODAY IS HUBBY’S BIRTHDAY!!  We’re celebrating tonight with homemade empanadas and chocolate cookies.  Woot!

What do you give your kids when they are sick??



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