My Other Men

Monday, I posted a little blurb about Hubby, my daddy & Bug and how important they are to me.  Yesterday, I wrote a lovely post about the other important men in my life.  I swear I hit the save button.  Evidently, I did not.  So, this is a condensed version of the post I wrote yesterday.

Family is really important to Hubby and I.  It is the main reason we moved back to our hometown.  We see our families several times a week and love every second of the time we spend with them.  Hubby’s family is mine, and vice-versa.

So, without further ado, here are the other men I love dearly:

My brother (Ben, here with is wonderful wife, Tina).  He’s pretty awesome.  My bro is 8 years older than me and lives in Chicago with his wife and their 5 year old twin boys.  He used to pretend he was dead when he babysat me.  Probably because our mom would make him pick me up from gymnastics.  Ahh, brotherly love.

***I can’t this picture to work, so I’ll have to try again later***

These other guys are my brother-in-law (Scary Uncle Adam) and my father-in-law (Pops).  They are also pretty awesome.  They have fully accepted me as their sister and daughter (respectively) and I love them as such.  Along with Hubby, they are probably the most inappropriate group of guys I know.

Of course, now I feel like I need to write about the women in my life.  Arg.  Maybe next week 🙂

Who are the most important men in your life?


2 thoughts on “My Other Men

  1. How do you punish Helen Keller?
    – Leave the plunger in her toilet bowl..

    That good and inappropriate? Brings a tear to my eye that I made the cut… Love ya sis.

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