Vote for Us!

The lovely Valerie from Valerie Joy Photography has a lovely blog.  She posts photos from all of her photo shoots and at the end of each quarter she holds a fun contest where you vote for your favorite from each of the shoots she did.  Well, in June she shot Bug’s 1 year photos, which I posted here.  I am completely in love with them.  If you don’t mind, can you hop on over there and vote for us?  If we win, we get an 11X14 print of our choice!  We are #22!

You have to follow her blog to vote, and if you are a lover of photography, you will be glad that you did.  Her family portraits are always so full of life, her wedding photos full of love.  My favorite, though, are her birth photos.  She photographs live births here in Sarasota and I cry each time she posts a new baby.  Truly priceless moments caught on film.

Thanks for the vote, and if you need a photographer in the Sarasota area, call Val!


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