Indo Baby

Hubby is a surfer.  Not that he gets to surf very often these days, but he will always be a surfer nonetheless.  When we were in college, we both rode longboards (long, surf style skateboards) to class.  We took every opportunity we could to travel to the beach for even the smallest swell.  We spent a spring break and then a whole summer in Costa Rica traveling to the best surf spots.  Hubby gets excited for hurricane season because it means that we might actually get some decent waves on the west coast of Florida.  When I was pregnant, we joked that our baby would be deathly afraid of the water.  Luckily, thus far, this is not the case.  We’ve got a serious water baby on our hands.

Years ago, while we were still in college, I bought Hubby an Indo Board for balance, agility & strength training for when he had to go long periods without surfing.  There may or may not have been a lot of wipe-outs in those days, when we were all a little more apt to trying out bold moves on the Indo.  Now, we pretty much just go back & forth.  ‘Cause, you know, we’re old and scared of hurting ourselves.

Recently, Bug has become really interested in the Indo Board.  He loves standing and sitting on it when it’s on the ground (not on the cylinder) and he loves when we help him stand or sit on it with the cylinder, moving it back & forth.  He’d actually rather not hold our hand while we do this, but we make him.  He’s also a fan of trying to climb on it while it’s on the cylinder, but Momma doesn’t like that too much.  SCARY.

I’m thinking we may have a future grom on our hands!

What do you think your baby/child will be into as they grow older?


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