A couple of weekends ago, my cousin got married on Captiva Island… more specifically at South Seas Plantation, which is about 2 hours away from home.  This is where we used to vacation as kids and it holds a very special place in the hearts of my whole family.  We spent the whole weekend hanging out with family, walking on the beach and relaxing in the pool.  I didn’t take many pictures of the weekend because, well, I was too wrapped up in having a good time.

  The wedding itself was perfect.  The ceremony was on a rocky point facing the sunset.  The groom was beaming and the bride was more stunning than I can possibly describe.

The reception was one of the most fun receptions I have ever attended.  I can’t believe I don’t have pictures!  Let me start by saying that my cousin has been in a couple of bands (mostly made up of the same guys) over the last 12 years and his father (my uncle) is also a musician.  When I was first in college, the only people I hung out with were my cousins & the band guys.  Instead of hiring a band, they just set up their equipment and played.  It wasn’t like a wedding reception… it was like a rock show at a bar.  It was like old times, except for now we are all married and some of us have a little less hair and bad backs (sorry, guys).  The best part… I got to share it all with Hubby.  He has always heard stories of the old days, but that night he got to experience it with me.  Amazing.

The other super awesome part about the weekend was the pool.  The resort has a couple of wading pools, which are perfect for kids.  Bug could run right into the water.  He was in. heaven.

He was so excited about the pool that we never actually took him to the beach.  I am all about the clean fun of the pool as opposed to the super sandy fun of the beach.  In my defense… we do have a beach at home!  And we use it!

My wonderful, sweet mother-in-law and my equally as wonderful sister-in-law drove down to babysit Bug after the ceremony so that Hubby and I could enjoy the reception.  And stay out late!  And have a few drinks!  And sleep in!  Of course, we still only slept until 8, but whatever… it was wonderful.

What was the best wedding (besides your own!) that you have attended?


6 thoughts on “Captiva

  1. The best wedding I have ever attended – besides my own – was the wedding of two sailing buddies. Naturally, their friends lived all over the world, so they rented a huge old farmhouse on the Chesapeake Bay, asked us all to contribute a small amount, then we all flew in. Each of us were assigned to a team to prepare one meal. We slept in sleeping bags in the huge attic. The band from Miami rocked – free of charge to the bride.

  2. The best wedding I ever attended, besides my own, was the wedding of my best friend. She and Chris had had a rocky go for a few months prior to the wedding (it was even called off at one point). But, it was an amazing day, and she was, of course, beautiful. They are still happily married with three beautiful children.

    Thanks for sharing. It sounds like it was a family affair, and was special to everyone!! That pool looks good enough to jump into. I think my three would enjoy it as much as Bug. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful picture of you with The Bug! Be sure to remember to hand the camera to somebody and get more pix of you and the boy – moms always seem to be in too few photos because they are the ones taking all the pictures!

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