Kids Are Funny Friday: Anything

When my cousin Elliott was little and up to no good (which was often) and you asked him what he was doing, he’d say, “Anything.”  That’s one of those sayings that has lasted with my family for like 25 years now.  I feel like we are going to have a lot of those moments with Bug.

The other day, I gave him some goldfish in a snack cup while I did the dishes.  He sat happily on the floor eating and playing with some random things… mainly a mixing bowl & a drum stick.  He got really quiet, so I turned around.  To this:

What you can’t see are the little goldfish crumbs that he had crushed into an oblivion in the bowl and on the floor.  After I cleaned up his lovely mess, I asked him what he was doing.  He gave me this look:

Anything.  Trouble I tell you.


6 thoughts on “Kids Are Funny Friday: Anything

  1. Hahaha! I love his face!

    Cadence says the same thing, usually in the context of “Anything will make me stop crying!!” – When she’s really upset and throwing a fit.

  2. I gave my two boys some goldfish, and sent them in the backyard. I wish I had a picture of the plastic pool about 10 minutes later. Or maybe I don’t wish that. It looked like pig slop. LOVELY. And, to make things even more fun, I found my Iphone at the bottom of that mess. Yep, that’s right. My IPHONE.

    Luckily my husband was very nice and told me to get a new one. If this one gets ruined, it’s a Go Phone for me!!

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