Bug started preschool today.  Add this together with the fact that today is my day off and you get SIX HOURS that I have the house to myself.  WOOHOO!!

That’s not the point here, though.  The point is that my baby started preschool today.  I wasn’t expecting this day until he was at least 2, and I don’t think the full on hugeness of it has quite hit me yet.  So, why did we put him preschool only a month after I wrote a post about how awesome our wonky life and schedules are?  Let me tell ya.

My mom decided she didn’t want to couldn’t didn’t have time to… ugh, there’s really no good way to say that.  Basically, my mom works from home.  So, on the two days a week she watched Buggy, she couldn’t get any work done, which means she was working on the weekends.  That also meant that she wasn’t getting to do some stuff she wanted to do… like go on vacation with my Dad this month.  Hubby & I totally get that, and we are totally good with that.  No harsh feelings or animosity whatsoever.

However, this news came at a really stressful time for us.  See, Hubby is in the midst of studying for his professional engineering exam.  It is an 8 hour test at the end of October that will allow him to get his license.  As a civil engineer, after college, you have to work for 4 years under a licensed engineer before you can take the test for your license.  They only offer the test twice a year and we know a lot of people who haven’t passed it on their first try.  Hubby studies every. single. day. for at least an hour (after working 9 hours, often outside in the sun all day).  Plus, he takes a class every Saturday from 9am-6pm.  So, as you can imagine, the added stress of having to find alternate childcare for Bug was just about enough to put him over the edge.  Especially in a town where every single preschool has a wait list a mile long.

And then, and THEN, a miracle happened.  The church we belong to has one of the best preschools in town.  It also has the longest wait list in town.  Like, when you call to add your child, they laugh at you and pretty much tell you that you’ll probably never get in.  I’ve had Eli on the wait list for the 2 year old room for months.  WELL, I called the day after my mom asked us to start looking into other daycare.  Just so happens that a 1 year old had just dropped.  That morning.  Because we are members of the church and because my mom-in-law worked there once upon a time and because my sis-in-law worked there in high school and basically because it pays to be part of a well-involved-in-the-community family, they gave us the spot without even calling anyone on the wait list.  Hot damn.

It turns out that what we thought was awful timing on my mother’s part was actually perfect timing according to God.

I am super excited for my little guy.  He cried when I kissed him goodbye this morning, which is nothing new.  He cries in the nursery at church every Sunday.  And every Sunday our number flashes up on the screen and one of us goes to play with him.  At least at preschool he’ll learn that Mommy & Daddy aren’t always going be able to come save him, but he can (gasp!) still have fun without us!  And, Mommy & Daddy will always come back at the end of the day.

I am excited for him to play with new friends and learn all kinds of new things.  I am excited to see all of the new things and ideas he picks up from school (except for illnesses, of which I am sure there will be plenty).  I am excited for him to expand his horizons and for his little body & brain to be stimulated.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am a little excited about my day all alone at home.  I’m off to go mow the lawn & pull some a lot of weeds.  I’ll let you know how the Bug’s day was tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. He is going to be such a great little preschool bug! and superrr popular duh. 🙂 I want to hear all about the first dayyy! Have a great day to yourself sis- you deserve it! xx

  2. I know it’s bittersweet. Heck, I wanted to cry just reading about it. But! All of my kids did some form of pre-school and they all got a lot out of it. Sarah called it Mom stays out instead of Mom’s day out – and that’s what she preferred – some time with her new friends. Eli will surely make many friends and do very well. He is so easygoing and bright. They will love him.

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