He Survived!

I am proud to announce that Bug survived his first day of preschool.  Actually, he didn’t just survive… he had a great day!  He cried for a few minutes after I left, but was easily distracted by some fun activities and by snacks.  He ate his whole entire lunch, which is impressive considering I packed him more than he usually eats.  He kept trying to get up from his cot at the beginning of naptime, but his sweet teacher sat and rubbed his back until he fell asleep and he napped for about an hour.  I am impressed that he fell asleep at all… he must have been pooped!

His teacher is wonderful and sweet and kind, as are the teacher’s aids.  Something awesome, too, one of the aids is a good friend of ours.  She is marrying one of Scary Uncle Adam’s best friends and we spent a lot of time together in college.  Bug is very lucky to get to hang out with Miss Yayle every week!

Bug had so much fun yesterday that he wasn’t even all that excited to see me when I picked him up.  He was much more interested in sitting on Miss Mallory’s lap and sharing some yogurt melts with her.  Little stinker even got a little upset when we left!

This is kind of funny for me to admit, but even though I am excited and happy that he is in school, it almost doesn’t feel like a permanent thing yet.  In reality, he’ll be spending the next 4 years at this school until he grows all up and heads off to college kindergarten.

I am so proud of my little man and can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year brings for him!


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