Death to Paci

Bug started preschool on Monday.  Preschool does not allow pacifiers.  Fantastic.

Unlike a lot of babies his age that I see walking around public with pacis in their mouths (not judgin’, just sayin’), Bug only used his paci for naps & bed.  He was really good about throwing paci back in his crib after he woke up, and he never asked for it during the day… though he does think it’s funny if he grabs it or his Bud out of his crib during playtime.  He laughs & laughs, but then he puts it back… if you ask him nicely.

I would just send him to preschool without his paci, but Hubby & I decided it would be better to just cut the habit now.  You see, I assumed that he could probably fall asleep without it, but I worried about him trying to take a much-needed nap with the following conditions:

  • New place
  • New people
  • No crib – they sleep on cots (should be interesting)
  • Different nap time (noon instead of 10:30ish)

I was sure that by noon he’d be so worn out that he’d just crash, but I’d rather not take the chance.  So, last Wednesday, I took away the paci.  Bug’s morning nap was ok… he cried for about 5 minutes, whimpered for another 20 and then fell asleep for an hour & a half.  I thought, wow, this won’t be so bad.  Enter the afternoon no-nap where he cried off and on for 45 minutes.  I gave up and got him out of bed.  He proceeded to be grumpy for the rest of the evening (kid needs his sleep).  We put him to bed about an hour early.  He woke up an hour later and WAILED for about 10 minutes before falling back asleep.  Rest of the night = great.

Thursday morning he fell asleep after about a half an hour and the same went for Thursday afternoon (woohoo!) with no problems at night.  Friday pretty much went the same way.  SO, it seems to have taken 3 days to get over the paci, and in the end it really wasn’t too bad on the Momma.

This week has been a little tough so far with the sleeping mostly because his schedule has changed.  I think he is pretty much over the pacifier, though, and any troubles he’s having have to do with super-overtired-baby-syndrome.  We’re working this week on adjusting to a 1 nap schedule, which is kind of tough on a boy.  I don’t think it is beneficial for him to have a different schedule every day… 1 nap at school and 2 at home… and it is the transition to just 1 nap at home that is proving to be a little challenging.  I am sure that by the end of the week Buggy’ll have it down pat.

When did you take away your kiddo’s pacifier or when are you planning on taking it away?


3 thoughts on “Death to Paci

  1. Great Job Casey, James & Eli! A friend of mine’s daughter is two and a half and still uses hers. I’m glad to see that Eli has let go of his so early on.

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