15 Months

Seriously?  Already?  Kid is growing WAY too fast!

Here’s what the 15 month-old Bug is up to:

  • Last month, he was just starting to climb on stuff.  Now, he climbs on EVERYTHING.
  • He is really into sitting on things.  Mostly chairs, but also toys & things like my guitar.  Weird.
  • Can touch his ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, feet & belly.
  • Words: nothing new, really.  He is putting a lot of sounds together, though.  Like: bwa, bada, bla… I don’t thing they mean anything, yet.  He is babbling and ‘conversing’ a lot more, but again, no actual vocabulary.
  • Animal sounds: we’re on a roll here!  He can do sounds for the following animals when asked: cow, dog, horse, duck, cat, monkey.
  • Teeth: just last weekend, 4 bottom teeth came in (molars plus 2 others)… so we’re at 12 teeth now!
  • Naps: we made the transition from 2 naps to 1 when Bug started preschool.  It’s been kind of a tough transition, but now he just naps at noon.  For an hour.
  • Really into playing the harmonica
  • Just figured out how to put his Duplos (the big Legos) together.  Before, he could only pull them apart.
  • This last month has been the whiniest thus far.  A good deal of that, I am sure, is the transition to 1 nap, the transition to preschool & the taking away of the pacifier.  Oh, and the not being able to speak.
  • Mister is becoming more opinionated & independent.  He really wants to do things by. himself.  He’ll ask for help if he really needs it, but otherwise, you best keep your helping hands to yourself.  The other day, he was trying to put a hat on and couldn’t get it, so I put it on for him.  He got mad and ripped it off his head and kept trying himself.  He is a very determined little man.
  • Overall, Bug is such a little love and such a happy little guy.  Every month and every phase is so much fun!


6 thoughts on “15 Months

  1. Haha this is so cute. My lil one is 13mo and much like yours. Some differences here and there, but you know. The climbing, the “I wanna do it myself”, the frustration for not being able to talk (even though she is repeating a lot of what we say and started making sense in some things like “go, go” when I say “let’s go change your diaper”, and yesterday she repeated things like “bea” for “bear”, “sha” for “shoe” and “bah…k” for book. I loooove this phase. My soon took much longer to do everything compared to her – these lil differences make them so special and unique. 🙂

    We got a couple things at Ikea that she looooved and I totally recommend. A lady bug “air pillow” and a mini-chair just for her. She stopped climbing onto the couch (I’m not stuck to her 100% of the time and I always worry she’ll fall when I’m not around) and she loves the air pillow. It’s for 3+yo kids, our lil ones don’t have stability to stand on it and they bounce off like a ball when they throw themselves on it, but she loves that and cracks laughing. And I made a bean bag to put inside it for now. I’ll leave the internal air thing for when she is older… Anyways. Maybe yours would love those too?

    Here’s a link for the giant ladybug pillow (it also shows the spider one – love it!). If it doesn’t show the exact items, you can look at Ikea’s website under Childrens Physical Play: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/childrens_ikea/18736/

    And the chair… It’s so perfect for our lil ones! It’s the Poäng Armchair. But the PS Lömsk is also a blast: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/childrens_ikea/18767/

    Sorry I couldn’t paste the exact link because it doesnt sell those online so you can’t see the picture when you open the specific item link. At least I couldn’t see it, so. 😛

      • Hehe seriously, I couldn’t NOT love it! My husband is scandinavian! 😀 We have just been there last month and I had forgotten how HUGE Ikea is… There’s so much more than we have access to, here! 😦

        Btw your chair is awesome. I inicially was looking for smth like that – either an armchair or more like a mini couch for her, but Mr. Viking here at home loves that chair and convinced me to buy it, hehe. 😉

        They have a shop in Denmark with “real-real” furniture for kids, leather couches and armchairs that are simply irresistible. When we move back I’m gonna be in trouble – better start saving! 😛

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