One of Bug’s favorite things to do as of late is read.  He spends a lot of time with his little nose in books these days.  As an English major and as someone who loves to read and write, that couldn’t make me happier.

Bug really loves books with bright colors & pictures… he likes to point to objects and have you tell him what they are.  Sometimes, he takes your hand and makes you point at the objects.  Here he’s pointing at a cow and mooing.  Good boy.

We spend a lot of time sitting in the rocking chair in Buggy’s room while he brings us books to read.  Really, couldn’t be cuter.  He’ll bring you a book, crawl up in your lap and then crawl down to get another book when you’re all done.  Sometimes, he flips through the book as fast as he can so that he can crawl down and get another one.  Funny boy.

Here are some of Bug’s favorite books right now:

What are your kid’s favorite books?


4 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Awesome! My boys were the same way as babies. Now they read, read, read. Although a lot of it is silly boy stuff like Origami Yoda, but they do well in school.

    We still love Goodnight, Gorilla and my boys are 9 & 11!

    Other favorites were

    Moo Baa La La La

    Dear Zoo

    Caps for Sale – even before my youngest could talk he could make the monkey noises during the book

    Pokey Little Puppy

    The Little Mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear

  2. My boys were (and are) the same. Books are amazing. I can’t wait until my oldest, in Kindergarten now, can read to me. That will be a joyous time! Right now, we’re still learning phonics, so we’re quite a ways away. But, he’ll get there. Keep reading to your little bug! 🙂

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