I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on here before, but I {heart} running.  Along with writing and playing guitar, it is one of my releases.  I can get out on the road, crank up some good music and let my mind wander with each passing stride and each passing breath.

A ballet dancer & a gymnast all my (short) life, I got into running in high school.  I was taking Weight Training during summer school before my senior year, because for some reason the dance class I took during each school year didn’t count for a physical education requirement (still miffed about that).  One day Coach A had us run 400m (1/4 mile – 1 lap around a track) and I was the first girl in.  Coach asked why I wasn’t running track.  I told him I was a dancer and a gymnast and he told me he didn’t care and that I was now on the track team.  Cool with me.  I ended up pole vaulting once he found out about the whole gymnastics thing… but long story short, that’s how I got into running.

Thing was, though, that I was more of a sprinter in those days.  I never learned how to run farther than a mile or so, because that’s all I needed to run.  So, as I got older and wanted to start running longer distance as a form of exercise, I didn’t know how.  I’d run for like 10 minutes and be super winded.  Granted, I’d have run a good ways over a mile in that 10 minutes, but still… 10 minutes does not equal a cardio workout, folks.  Not only did I not know how to breath for longer distances, but I also had a hard time slowing my legs down.  This was so frustrating to me that I wound up with kind of a love/hate relationship with running for a long time.  Up until a few years ago.

About few years ago I decided I was going to get a little more serious about covering some ground.  I read about the Couch to 5K thing and thought it looked like a good program to get me started.  I took my time with it and really focused on my breathing and after a few months, by golly, I could actually run for like 30 whole minutes!  Running was awesome!

And then, I got pregnant and my doctor told me I couldn’t run anymore (next time, SO not listening to that advice, by-the-way).  And after that, I had a baby and couldn’t find the time and/or motivation to get out and run.  So, I went without running for over a year.  This last winter, though, I got into it again.  I got fitted for some amazing shoes (yay Brooks!) and found that getting back into running distance (not that 3 miles is technically distance, but whatevs) was much easier than starting the first time.  Hubby & I ran our first 5k (Sammy’s Run) in May and I ran it in just under 30 minutes, which was my goal.

I am now totally addicted to races.  Granted, I’ve only run one, but still.  I am totally going to be the 70 year old lady out there running 5ks one day.  I do have to say… I would really like to run a 10k, and maybe even a half-marathon at some point, but I have no desire whatsoever to run a full marathon.  Respect to those of you that do.

So, pretty much the whole point of this long-winded post about running is to tell you about a race I am running in October.  It’s called the 1Day Relay and it’s for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  I am super excited about this race, but a little nervous, too.  See, this is a 5o mile relay race (starting in Bradenton and ending in Venice) and I am running with a team of 5 other ladies.  (Well, at the moment it is 4 other ladies… we’re still looking for a 6th team member!)  Each team member runs 2 legs during the course of the day.  My first leg is 3.3 miles and the second is 4.1.  It’s not the mileage I’m nervous about… it’s the running basically 2 races in one day.  I might die, but it should be fun, right?  The area we live in is beautiful and the majority of the race is run along the water, which should be amazing.  In fact, one of my legs is supposed to be across this bridge spanning the inter-coastal… I mean, come one… how pretty is that:

Our team is called the Blogging Bombshells.  We are all bloggers, obvi.  Here’s the links to my team members’ blogs… check ’em out!

Passionate 4 Life

Active Eggplant

Food and Fun on the Run

The Wannabe Athlete


5 thoughts on “Running

  1. I’m so excited to run this! I’ve never done a relay before & getting to do one locally is really exciting – plus it’s the inaugural year for 1DayRelay!

    You’re going to either love – or hate – that bridge. I get to train on it a lot since I work in Sarasota & it’s killer, but the view from the top is amazing!

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