Kids Are Funny Friday – Silly & Stylish

Lately, Bug has been just plain silly.  His preschool send home notes every day saying how your kid’s day went, and on Wednesday, Bug’s note said he was happy, helpful, busy & silly.  His little sense of humor is really starting to some out, and by golly, I think he’s going to be one funny kid!

Here’s some silly shots from this week:

Apparently it is hilarious to try to stick your head in places it won’t fit.  You can’t tell from the photo, but he was cracking up trying to do this.

Along with general silliness, Bug has developed a serious sense of style.  He picked out his shirt & the cowboy hat, plus he dug out some Crocs that are way too big and refused to take them off for a good 30 minutes.

Future style icon, I tell you.  Headdresses worn on the back of the head will be the next backward hat craze… just you watch.

Yay, it’s Friday!  My friend Tara over on The Adventures of MommyHaha does a weekly post about the funny things her kids do.  What funny things have your kids done this week?


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