The Chair

I mentioned in Bug’s 15 month post that he is really into sitting on things right now.  Hubby & I were going to get him his very own armchair for Christmas, but we decided to go ahead and make that purchase… ’cause the kid would stop trying to sit on things he really shouldn’t be sitting on… like my guitar.  Plus, he’s still a little too small to climb up onto the couch by himself.

Enter the Lightning McQueen chair.

Before I go into more about how much Bug LOVES his chair, let me tell you a story I like to call Adventures in Buying Chairs for Small Children.  Hubby and I headed out on Labor Day to buy a chair for Bug.  We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for, but I wanted something similar to this adorable chair from Pottery Barn Kids, except without the $140 price tag:

So, we drive 20 minutes to Walmart.  We find a Disney princess papasan chair and a Cars chair that is made of cheap foam and makes loud race car noises.  We don’t want loud noises.  We also don’t want princesses.  We drive another 20 minutes to Target.  Nothing.  Not a single chair for a child.  At this point, Hubby has hit his shopping wall.  Babies-R-Us is across the street from Target, so I talk him into to going there, because, dammit, we are going to find a chair and we are going to find it TODAY.  We are 40 minutes from home and we aren’t quitters.  Never mind the hungry child in the back seat!  We walk into Babies-R-Us and BAM.  Holy chair mecca.  Every kind of chair for a small child that you could ask for.  We pulled a bunch of chairs off of the shelf and let Bug sit in them to pick out the one he wanted… which was none of them.  All he really wanted was this lego table with little plastic chairs.  We let him flip those over and pull them around while we tested out chairs.  We ended up spending a little more than we had planned, but we brought home a stable chair that (we think) will last a long time.

Bug can climb on this thing from any direction and it won’t fall over.  And, he does.  Climb all. over. it.  He really does love this chair.  He loves to read in it and watch TV in it and climb on it, but sometimes he also like to just sit in it.  He’ll be playing with something-or-other and stop what he’s doing to just go sit in his chair for a minute.  Too cute.

Sometimes the chair allows us some rare quiet moments where Bug will just go sit for 5 minutes and let us, you know, catch our breath.  Have I ever mentioned that the little guy is busy??


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