Eating with a Spoon

Buggy has always been a good eater.  We started him on solids (which totally aren’t solid… so maybe we should just call them mushy foods?) right at 4 months.  We started giving him finger foods… Puffs, Cheerios, etc… at around 6 months.  We started giving him table foods (also a strange description) for lunch at probably 10 months.  By the time he was a year, he pretty much fed himself everything.  Sometimes we’d still feed him a chunky puree with a spoon, usually when we really felt like we needed to get a good amount of veggies in him.

Sometime in the last few months he decided that Momma & Daddy we not allowed to feed him anymore.  Since then, he has become very good at handling a spoon.  He feeds himself an entire container of YoBaby every morning, and most recently, cereal with milk!

He sees me & Hubby eat cereal just about every morning (which we always have to share with him, obviously).  Hubby’s mom suggested that we give him some as a snack, and it was a huge hit!  He had a lot of fun fishing out Cheerios with his spoon.  Half the time he’d grab the cereal off the spoon and shove it in his mouth, which was hilarious.

He’s been using a spoon well all by himself for probably 2 or 3 months now, and I though something so liquidy would prove to be a challenge, but he did great.  Now we are going to start working with using a fork for dinner instead of just our hands.

When did your baby become proficient with utensils?


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