Kids Are Funny Friday: Throwing Memories Away

I am in the process of going through all of my old pictures.  My huge storage bin full of old pictures… mostly from the pre-digital camera days.  Side note: one day I will totally tell my children that Mommy was alive before digital cameras were invented.  I’m that old, kiddos.  Anywho… I’m planning on scanning a lot of the oldies but goodies so that I can have them saved digitally.  You know, just in case.

So, I’m sitting on the couch in the den organizing said crapload of pictures and Buggy is helping me by taking picture envelopes and film out of the bin and carrying them into the other room.  I’ve just started my project, so he’s really not hurting anything at this point, and it’s keeping him good and busy.

After he makes the trip into the other room about 15 times I begin to wonder where he’s putting my pictures and my film.  All of those precious memories of my high school and college years.  The photos of crazy adventures from middle school youth group trips.  The twelve pictures Hubby & I have of our honeymoon (yes, digital cameras were around then, we just didn’t bring one on that trip for some reason).

I get up and go into the other room and don’t see my pictures.  Anywhere.

Bug comes in with another picture envelope.  He walks over to the trash can in the kitchen, opens the lid and dumps the pictures in.  I go look and, sure enough, he’s thrown all of my memories away.  And he’s smiling about it.  Just trying to remind me that life didn’t really start until he came along.  Thanks, buddy.

And then we had a talk about how we don’t throw things away that aren’t trash.  I don’t think it sunk in, though, because this morning he tried throwing his socks & shoes away.

Yay, it’s Friday!  My friend Tara over on The Adventures of MommyHaha does a weekly post about the funny things her kids do.  What funny things have your kids done this week?


2 thoughts on “Kids Are Funny Friday: Throwing Memories Away

  1. So far that funniest thing that Catherine does is filling her diaper – wow is that ever LOUD. I guess I’m surprised that something so loud can come from someone so small! We definitely know she’s her daddy’s girl!

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