One Nap a Day

As of a month ago, Bug is  a one nap a day kid.  As of, oh, about a week ago, he is ok with that.  Though he was beginning to show signs that he might possibly soon be almost ready to go from two naps to one, he wasn’t actually quite ready.

However: the preschool schedule = 1 nap at noon.  Therefore, the home schedule = 1 nap at noon.

Bug really didn’t have much of any issue staying up until noon (except for the first few days where he was so sleepy he could hardly eat lunch).  The problem was, by noon, he was in super-overtired-so-I’m-going-to-cry-myself-to-sleep-for-a-half-hour mode.  Throw the no more pacifier & the cutting of 4 teeth on top of it and we had kind of a cranky kid who was only napping for about 30-45 minutes a day.  It was touch & go for a couple of weeks there.

Hubby & I stuck to the schedule and to the routine and, lo & behold, everything panned out.  It just took awhile.  Bug doesn’t complain when you put him down for his nap anymore… I think he actually looks forward to it.  He still generally only sleeps for about an hour, but sometimes he’ll extend that to an hour and a half or so.  Those days are awesome.

This was the first time in Bug’s little life that we made a distinct change to his routine without him letting us know he was ready.  Until this point, because he wasn’t in daycare and it was always family taking care of him, he dictated when his routine needed to change.  He let us know when he was ready to go from 3 naps to 2 and so we made a slow transition.  He let us know when he was ready to cut out certain bottle feedings, and so we made a slow transition.  Those slow transitions were always smooth and only took about a week.  This time, there was no slow transition.  It was cut & dry and took a lot longer to get used to.

With babies, there is a constant change of routine and constant transitions.  Now that the nap transition has come to an end, we are onto yet another change of routine for the little mister.  We have gone from a bottle to a sippy cup before bed…  but that deserves a whole post of it’s own.

Have you had any transition/routine change issues with your kids?


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