I don’t have time to upload pictures or write about anything interesting, so this is what you get from me today.

  • I totally paid for Starbucks with quarters this morning because, well, I had a whole lot of quarters.  It kind of felt like high school when I’d pay for gas with change.  Except for that was because I’d spent all my money on something pointless, like Mountain Dew and Combos.  Of course, that was back when gas was 89 cents a gallon and 8 quarters worth lasted a couple of days.
  • Bug has a little buddy at school named Ben.  Ben gives Bug a hug every day when I drop him off.  Bug pushes poor Ben away every time.  I hold his hands down so that sweet, social Ben can give my anti-social kid a hug.  Is that wrong?
  • The 1 Day Relay is 3 days away. Yikes.  This is when I start to get nervous, but also very excited.
  • The weather has been gorgeous this week… in the mid-eighties.  Of course it’s supposed to get back up to ninety on Saturday.  Argh.

Ummm, that’s all my brain can muster at this point.  Have a good Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Random

  1. You made me remember being a freshman at UF. My roomates and I would save up change to go to Sonny’s on 13th St. It was $3.28, including the tax, for a pork plate and a large Coke. After living on Raman noodles and bologna sandwiches it was heaven.

    Good luck in the race! I’m starting “sympathy carbo-loading” now . . .

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