Crafts for Toddlers: Painting

This week on Crafts for Toddlers: PAINTING!

For some reason, I hadn’t really thought of painting as an activity for someone as young as Bugger.  I mean, kid’s isn’t even 16 months.  However, when I found out that he was painting at school, I realized that it was an activity I could probably tackle at home, too!

I picked up these awesome Crayola fingerpaints at Wally World for a whopping $6.  I love these paints because they come in a tube.  I always remember finger paint coming in tubs, which is dumb, because you have purple paint on your fingers and then you dip said fingers into the yellow tub and now you just have brown.  AND, you also did the same thing with all of the other complementary colors and so you pretty much just have a buttload of brown paint tubs.  Which?  Is why these paints are awesome.  I just squirt a little bit of each color onto a paper plate and we’re good to go.  I also bought a giant pad of paper that I tape down to Bug’s LIttle Tikes Table.

Thus far, we’ve only painted once, and Bug had a great time with it.  He concentrated (hence the tongue hanging down to his knees) on it for a good 10 minutes.  Not exactly a long-lived activity, but that’s okay!  He didn’t really get into the finger painting part of it, so I gave him a paint brush and boy went to town.  He dipped his brush in each color and painted away.  After about 10 minutes he started to paint the bench of his table, and that’s when Mommy decided that we were done for the day.

And then, when Mommy said that we were “all done” and the paints were “going bye-bye,” Bug starting blowing kisses.  With paint all over his hands.  It looked like he went to town on some roadkill.  He was really proud of himself.  He was also really excited about the bath that he got to take at 10 in the morning.

Moral of the painting story – you CAN paint with a baby.  There WILL be serious clean up involved.  TOTALLY worth it for the picture on your fridge.

Next week… painting pumpkins for Halloween!

Any fun paint stories from your kiddos?


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