Ditching the Bottle

Ugh, I know.  I haven’t posted in, like, YEARS.  Ok, it’s been 2 weeks, but still.  I’m sorry, OK?  Accept this adorable photo taken by the wonderful Peter Acker as my formal apology.

Onto business.

At Buggy’s 15 month doctor’s appointment, his pediatrician asked if he was still taking any bottles.  At that point, the only bottle he was taking was before bed.  And, boy, did he love that bottle.  He didn’t really care much when I stopped nursing him, because he still had the bottle to rely on.  His pediatrician said he really shouldn’t be taking any bottles any more, so that very afternoon I put every last bottle away.  Oddly, I had no sad feelings about this.  I was actually excited to have less baby crap in the baby crap cabinet in the kitchen.  That’s right… my baby has his very own cabinet in the kitchen.  I guess that’s fair since Mommy and Daddy more or less occupy the other dozen cabinets, but I digress.

Wait, one more digression… only a night or two before said doctor’s appointment, Hubby and I had a discussion about the bottle.  He was thinking it was about time to do away with it.  I was all, no way, dude.  I know lots of toddlers who still drink a bottle before bed, and all of them are months and years older than Bug.  After said doctor’s appointment, I READILY ADMITTED THAT I WAS WRONG.  And Hubby only rubbed it in for a few hours.  Thanks for being an adult about that, babe.

Ok, back to the point of the post.  The first night we went bottle-less, outwardly I was acting like I didn’t think Bug would care.  Inwardly, however, I was thinking this was going to be a disaster.  I was mentally preparing for a serious fight.  Turns out, he didn’t really care.  WOOHOO for easy-going babies.  **Side – Am I going to have to stop calling him a baby at some point??**  This was almost a month ago, and he hasn’t asked for a bottle or alluded to really wanting one since.

This is all fine and good and awesome, but there is one little problem with it.  See, he loved sucking on that bottle and would snuggle up to us and close his eyes and drain 9 or so ounces of delicious nutrient-providing milk every single night.  And sometimes he would even ask for more.  Now, he’ll only drink 4 or 5 ounces… on a good night.  Some nights he barely drinks an ounce.  He is sleeping just fine, so I know he doesn’t need it to fill his tummy… so that is really a non-issue.  The issue comes with the fact that he’s still supposed to have a lot of servings of dairy in his life.  He went from drinking 16-20 ounces of milk in a day to 10-12 ounces overnight.  Arg.  Don’t tell the doctor.  Luckily for the Momma & the Dadda, he still snuggles us before bedtime.

We are doing our best to supplement his dairy intake with things like cheese and yogurt.  Kid can down some YoBaby.  He gets milk with breakfast, lunch & dinner, but he really doesn’t drink a lot of it with meals.

Overall, I’m really thankful, though, because he obviously didn’t have a huge attachment to the bottle.  I’ve heard of a lot of kids that won’t take sippy cups at all, or they won’t drink milk out of sippy cups.  Not my guy.

When did your babies/toddlers/kiddos stop taking bottle?


4 thoughts on “Ditching the Bottle

  1. Just recently, Lucas stopped using a bottle when we switched from formula to whole milk. He is 11 months old. He took to the sippy cup without any problems. Maybe because we started the sippy cup early. I think around 6-7 months. Then by the beginning of 8 months he was able to hold it on his own. I don’t like all the baby crap that comes along with bottles so I was super happy to get rid of them too!! P.S. Lucas has a his own cabinet too ;o)

    • I should have probably mentioned that he started with a sippy cup with water, too, at like 6 months or so. He took to it really well. He also has always loved to sip out of a regular cup… though he still thinks it’s fun to dump the liquid out on his head! Congrats on Lucas being off the bottle! (That sounds funny.)

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