Lego Man

This post is dedicated to those wonderful little colorful plastic creations that you put together to make cool stuff like houses and pirate ships and dune buggies and castles.  Yup… LEGOS.  Bug is all about the Legos these days.  Well, technically he’s all about the Duplos… ’cause, you know, real Legos are choking hazards at this point.

I realize that every single one of these pictures is blurry.  My camera is not awesome.  (I am biding my time until I win a bad-ass one on The Pioneer Woman.)  What is awesome, however, is Bug’s ability to make amazing towers out of his Legos.

Sometimes he needs a little help from Daddy, but for the most part, kid can build some serious towers.  About a month ago Bug didn’t get that you needed to square up the blocks to make them fit together.  Because of that, he didn’t really have much interest in them.

Then, one day, he just got it.  Something made sense in his little head to rotate the blocks so that they face the same way and BAM.  Lego towers abound.  He is SO proud when he builds one… it is the cutest thing ever.  He walks around holding it up to you all, “Look at what I did, Ma!”

And, then… he usually pokes you with his super awesome Lego tower.  Which, of course, makes the tower break.  Ensue Lego rage.

In other Lego news, Legoland Florida just opened.  I. cannot. wait. to go.  Buggy is going to freak out.  Unfortunately, admission is $75.  We won’t be going anytime soon.

Also, a few days ago, an 8 foot Lego man washed up on Siesta Key beach… which is where I live.  Well, I don’t live on that beach, but I live in the same county.  Close enough, right?  Right?  It’s totally the beach I hung out on in high school.  Redeemed.  Anyways, somehow the mysterious Lego guy made national news.  Seriously?  Must be a slow news week.  I’m pretty sure they still don’t know where he came from.

The end.

Any fun Lego stories?


2 thoughts on “Lego Man

  1. If your Bug is anything like my boys, you are only beginning what will be a lifelong love/hate romance with the Lego stuff (bare feet be forewarned), and while my two are now 14 and 11, the smaller Legos still prove to be a choking hazard at times… =)

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