Halloween 2011

I realize that I probably should’ve posted a picture of Bug in his Halloween costume yesterday.  You know, on Halloween.  As evidenced by the posting of Cell Phone Saturday on Monday, I didn’t have my act together enough to take my phone out, take a picture and post it.  One day, I’ll get used to all this new fangled technology.  Maybe one day I’ll also magically become organized.  (Not likely, folks.)

We had a blast on Halloween this year.  While Bug isn’t old enough to really understand the whole trick-or-treating thing or really the concept of the holiday (which is basically GET CANDY, right?), it was still fun to dress him up and take him out.

Bug’s day started off at school, where they had a costume parade.  Hubby & I both had to work, but Pops (Hubby’s Dad) went and watched the parade.  Apparently, Buggy wore this face pretty much the whole time.  He’s all like, “Seriously, people, what’s the big fuss all about and why are you making me wear this stupid monkey suit.”  He came home with an awesome pumpkin bucket, a super cute tie-dye shirt with a spider hand print that he made and lots of treats from his wonderful teachers.

AND THEN, last night, we had a party.  We invited all of our buddies with little ones over to our house for some pizza, beer (and juice boxes) and trick-or-treating action.  We had 8 kiddos over all under the age of 3.  Couldn’t have been any cuter.  Hubby dressed up as the Man with the Yellow Hat to accompany our Curious George.

Props to Nana & Grandma for getting the little Bugger to put his costume on.  I tried, and he adamantly shook his head no.  My mom was a black eyed pea… she blacked her eye and wore a t-shirt with the letter P on it.  Awesome.

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about our neighborhood is that there are tons of kids… which is rare in a city with a median age of 65.  Not only that, but the sidewalks are nice and wide and there are lots of street lamps.  Oh, and most of our neighbors actually decorate their houses, which is super fun.

We definitely live in that neighborhood that everybody else brings their kids to for Halloween.  I have no clue how many kids came to our door last night, but we went through at least 14 big bags of candy.  FOURTEEN.  That beats last year by 4 bags.

Bug caught on to the whole trick-or-treating gig pretty quickly.  He’d ride his bike between houses, get off, pick out one piece of candy, put it in his bucket and get back on his bike.  This boy is really into doing things a particular way… if we tried to walk between houses it was NOT ok.  Had to be on the bike.  If we tried to wheel his bike up to the candy bowl it was NOT ok.  Had to get off and walk to the candy.  Silly monkey.

Also not ok was going back home.  Once we got back inside, he kept trying to escape to trick-or-treat some more.  Funny, too, because we very rarely give him candy.  He doesn’t even know that the things he was putting into his bucket were something delicious to put in his mouth.  He just loved the activity of it all.  We did give him a little piece of a Hershey bar when we got home… and he obviously loved it.

What did you do for Halloween?


9 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. I was left behind to man the home front and give out those 14 bags of candy. Let me tell you, I felt like Davey Crocket swinging his musket as Santa Ana’s troops came swarming over the Alamo walls! Those kids JUST KEPT COMING! I almost couldn’t rip the bags open fast enough. It was a great time – the little kids were all so cute and it was fun that so many of the parents dressed up to walk them around.

  2. Those pictures and discription of the evening are just great!!! Wish I could have been there!! So glad y’all had fun and I vote with James that Eli should get more than ONE piece of candy!!!

    Love! Great Nana

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