Pumpkin Carving

I would’ve posted about Bug’s first pumpkin carving experience before Halloween, but seeing as the pumpkin didn’t get carved until Halloween eve… obviously impossible.  I was at work on Sunday night when my boys carved Bugger’s first pumpkin.  Much to my surprise… Hubby actually took pictures of this eventWithout my asking him to.  I am so proud.

We both thought that Bug would absolutely love scooping out the pumpkin guts and playing with them.  Apparently, though, he was not excited about sticking his hand into the pumpkin hole.  He just kept shaking his head “no.”  Hubby gave him the spoon to play with instead.  MUCH better.

Bug’s favorite part about the whole experience was putting the cut out pieces back into their slots.  I’m pretty sure he thought Daddy was making him giant orange shape sorter.

My favorite part of the whole experience is this picture:

To which I pretty much just rolled my eyes and silently thanked God that he didn’t try to poke Daddy’s eyes out with that knife.

What are your pumpkin carving traditions?  Do your toddlers get to use the knives (JUST KIDDING!)?


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