Picky Eater Bee

Bug has entered the “picky eating” stage… despite all of my efforts to have him eat adventurously early on in his little life.  It was like one day, he figured out that he had a choice in what he ate.  One Monday, all veggies were eaten because he thought he had to eat them.  The next day, he figured out that he didn’t have to put anything green in his mouth, and no amount of forcing airplanes or choo choo trains was going to change that.  Therefore, we have resorted to doing that thing I said I would never, ever do: hiding veggies.  And meats.  And everything that isn’t sweet potatoes and applesauce.  In sweet potatoes and applesauce.  Because, inevitably, he’ll eat those two things just about any time.

Let’s get one thing clear here, though… we only do this at dinner.  He’ll eat his breakfast of waffles & fruit & yogurt.  He’ll eat his lunch of peanut butter bread, fruit and cheese.  He just won’t eat his dinner of chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes unless the chicken and broccoli are mixed up in the sweet potatoes.  Then, he’ll go to town.  I have even gone back to pureeing some veggies (namely zucchini and spinach) to mix them in applesauce just so I can get some green in the boy.

Let’s get one other thing clear, too.  We very much follow the “this is what you get for dinner, and if you don’t like it you don’t eat” rule (unless Nana is the one feeding Bug dinner… boy’s got that Nana wrapped around his finger!).  There is no making of two or three dinners for Bug.  There is one dinner.  That being said, we do try to make his dinner something we know he will eat.  Or, at least, we try to make at least part of his dinner something we know he will eat.  For the most part, he eats leftovers from our dinners from the night before.  Along, of course, with sweet potatoes or applesauce… or mac-n-cheese.  ‘Cause what kid doesn’t love mac-n-cheese?!

Do you have a picky eater?  At what age did that stage begin… and end?


6 thoughts on “Picky Eater Bee

  1. Thats toddlers! Tyler was a terrible eater from 12m to 3yrs! Its very frustrating. Now he eats anything including veggies. Well usually lol. Mason is 12m and eats anything that comes his way. He has started picking what HE wants off the tray though…and throwing what he doesnt want that day haha. Ive started pureeing veggies into everyday recipes to make up for lost nutrients just in case. Yea its hiding it. But…i also lay cooked veggies out with some cheese or butter on them, on the plate. They used to just get thrown away after dinner but theyve recently started disappearing. Yay. Also…will your son eat something like cauliflowe or brocolli au gratin? Cant really beat sweet potatoes 🙂 hes sooo cute!

  2. Man boobs may skip a generation. Bug’s daddy can only hope. As for feeding, I think it is important that kids get the balanced nutrition they need. If that comes form a variety of foods, great. If, however, they just want to eat a limited menu (chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese, natural applesause, yogurt) so what? The only people it bothers is us grown-ups. Feed ’em (healthy) stuff they like and if you have too wait until they study abroad in college before they start eating anything other than chicken fingers (no actual child is being referenced here – ahem!), what’s the harm?

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