Independent Streak / Skater Baby

Bug is a pretty independent kid.  He likes to sit on your lap to read books and he likes some snuggle time now and again, but for the most part he likes to do things on his own.  He is a problem solver, which makes his Momma very proud.  If, after several very concentrated, tongue hanging out attempts, a problem can’t be solved (like opening a Tupperware container… that’s a tough one) he’ll ask for help.  In fact, he gets mad if you try to help him before he is good and ready.  I love that he is so independent… it means that he plays very well by himself while Mommy does the laundry.  Well, that, and independence, motivation and the ability to solve problems are pretty key factors in being successful.  But, mostly, the time for Mommy to do chores thing.

I may have mentioned this before, but Hubby & I used to skate to class in college on longboards and though we don’t really have anywhere to skate to these days, we still like to get them out now and again and goof around.  Bug is a big fan of this.  He loves to watch us zoom around… he claps and squeals for us.  He also loves to stand on a board while we hold his hands and roll him along.  Standing on the board while Daddy sits with him is super awesome, too.  (I promise he is excited in this picture and not crying!)

So, last weekend, we’re playing on the skateboards at my parents house.  Hubby & Bug go down the hill of the driveway a couple of times, and then Bug gets fussy.  We’re having a hard time figuring out what he wants.  He doesn’t want to stand on the board while we hold his hand.  He doesn’t want Daddy to sit with him.  Then, we figure it out.  He wants to do. it. by. himself. darn it.

Cautiously, we let him.  Not cautiously because we’re afraid of him doing things by himself.  Obviously, based on my schpiel above I am cool with him being Mr. All By Self.  We were cautious because things with wheels + toddlers with not-so-awesome balance could easily equal disaster and trips to the ER.  Luckily, there were no ER trips.  Probably because we were cautious.  Also, because we wouldn’t let him stand on the board.  He had a blast sitting on the board and rolling backwards (’cause he hasn’t quite figured out the forward thing) down the driveway.

Next he’s going to want to ride the bike by himself.

How independent are your kids?


5 thoughts on “Independent Streak / Skater Baby

  1. These pictures just make me smile over and over again. Uncle Adam will be making lil Eli his own skateboard for his birthday. Don’t tell!

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