Social Butterfly. Alternate Title: Hiyee!

As little as a month ago, Buggy was not super excited about social situations.  When introduced into a new environment, or to new people, he got really quiet and shy and clingy.  It would take him a good hour to warm up to the situation.  Which, in baby time, pretty much meant that by the time he was comfortable enough to start having fun, it was time to go home and take a nap.

Nowadays… the story is a tad different.  It still takes him a few minutes to warm up, but once he’s warm, boy is HOT.  I’m talking on fire.  Life of the party.  Super Ham.

Case in point numero uno: Seafood Fest.  Back story – the day after Thanksgiving all of my In-Laws’ best buddies get together and have Seafood Fest.  Pounds upon pounds of every kind of seafood you can think of… plus beer and wine, obvi.  Why?  Because we all don’t have enough leftovers.  I had to work (sad face), so Hubby & the fam took Buggy to Seafood Fest, where he proceeded to be the life of the party.  For FIVE hours.

Upon entering said party, he “hiyee”d and fist pumped everyone in sight.  Yes, my baby fist pumps.  He also high fives, but fist pumps are so much more fun.

It is obligatory at every group gathering to have a sing along lead by Pops & Scary Uncle Adam (and usually me… stupid work).  Buggy sang along, played harmonica and danced on his guitar case stage.  He shook his little booty and spun in circles until he fell over.  Apparently, he had a smile on his face all day long.  Also apparently, he’s inherited his Pops’ and Uncle Adam’s ability and desire to entertain people.  Maybe one day he’ll get paid to do that and Mommy can live vicariously through him.

Case in point numero dos: Dinner.  Last night, after getting our Christmas trees (YAY!!), Hubby, Bug, Nana, Pops & I all went out to dinner.  Each and every time the waiter came anywhere near our table, Buggy said, “Hiyee!” and waved to him.  After little man was finished not eating, Nana walked him around the restaurant.  Bug greeted every. single. table. with a “hiyee!”  Twice.

Case in point numero tres: School.  This morning, at school (every morning at school, actually), as soon as we walk in the door to his classroom, Bug screams out “HIYEE!!!” and then waves to everyone.  Miss Mallory said he’d be a good greeter.  Like that old Saturday night “Buh-Bye” skit, only with “Hiyee” instead.


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