For our family, Thanksgiving started on Tuesday.  Scary Uncle Adam and Auntie Annie came home from school.  Auntie Annie and I took Bug to the (heated) pool Tuesday (Floatie Tube popped = TOTAL meltdown = no pictures)… but Wednesday is when the real fun began.

I was off gallivanting at a horse show with my Momma, which meant that Scary Uncle Adam & Auntie Annie (and Nana) got to babysit.  Bug couldn’t have had a better day.  They took a bike ride to G.G.’s house (Great Grandma).  Uncle Adam didn’t injure my child, which is a plus.

Hubby took a half day at work and when he got home everybody had an afternoon cocktail together in the kiddie pool (the regular pool was too cold).

Hubby, Adam & Annie built Buggy a fort.

And then built him a slide out of his kiddie table.  Look at that belly!  Kills me!  Wednesday evening, Hubby’s Aunt Jan and his cousins Kelly & Kasey drove down from Gainesville to join us in our annual Turkey Day festivities.

Our annual Turkey Day festivities consist mainly of three things: food, games & pajamas.  We started out the day at the beach.

We played our annual game of Bocce Ball on said beach.

We watched my baby be adorable.

We came inside and hawked Bug’s hair, and then laughed at him while he cried.  Just kidding… we’d never laugh at him if he was really crying… he was just fussing over something silly.  Probably Lego-rage.

We got out of our pajamas long enough to take some goofy family photos.  My parents came over and joined us for dinner.  Then, most of us quickly changed back into pajamas and a game of Catch Phrase ensued while sipping White Russians with Cinnamon Spice Kahlua.  Which, by the way, have you tried?  Holy yummy in my mouth.

To cap off our day, we played cornhole.  This is almost always the end to any family get together.  Kelly & I are pretty much undefeated several years in a row.  By pretty much, I mean that we have lost ONCE.  I don’t really want to talk about that, though.

I have so much to be thankful for… first and foremost my family.  I love that my parents and my in-laws all get along and that we all get to spend our holidays together.  What a blessing!

To cap off this post, I’d like to share a note that cousin Kasey posted on facebook… it pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving and our family in general:

1) Bypass breakfast completely and make a beeline for the pumpkin whoopie pies.

2) Before those have digested, head to the beach for family bocce ball tournament. Do not apply sunscreen.

3) Reign at above mentioned tournament.

4) Only get out of your pajamas when absolutely necessary.

5) When making an emergency run to the liquor store, be sure to do a shot of voda with the russian shop owner.

6) Make at least one harassing phone call to Nana.

7) Wrap your turkey with Bacon, lots of it. And then feed it to the family vegetarian.

8.) Sit proudly at your assigned seat at the kids table, even though you’re pushing 30.

9) DO NOT STOP EATING. AT ALL. ALL DAY. (this includes the day before and the day after as well.)

10) Be sure to include a ‘special olympics’ round of Cornhole for the sportily challenged of the family.

11) Laugh so loud during Cornhole that your neighbor comes out of his house to shut you up. Twice.

12) Instead of actually shutting up, create a persona for said neighbor that involves him owning weapons and hiding in the bushes.

13) Watch at least an hours worth of “Always Sunny”.

I hope your Turkey Day was as awesome as ours!


3 thoughts on “THANKSgiving

  1. Great post! And what a great thanksgiving! Spending everyday with Eli was the absolute best. Oh, and he was crying because you and Jimmy told him it was nap time! He was not ready for ‘nite nite,’ baha!
    – Scary Uncle Adam

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