Decorating the Christmas Tree

It was so much fun to decorate the Christmas tree with Buggy this year.  Last year I’m pretty sure we did it while he was sleeping.  This year, he helped!  He was very interested in sorting all of the ornaments…

He especially loved all SIX of his ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ ornaments.  Anything with his own picture on it is obviously super awesome.

Buggerson even helped Daddy hang a few ornaments, which pretty much involoved Bug just setting the ornament on the tree and Daddy catching it and hanging it.

We haven’t gotten around to decorating the rest of the house yet, but Bug took it upon himself to decorate… well… himself.

Funny side note story: Eli is really into throwing balls right now.  Do you know what most Christmas ornaments are?  Yes.  Balls.  He pretty much wants to throw every ornament… especially the football ones.  Yay for another challenge for Mommy & Daddy!


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