Giving Back

I know I already posted once today, but I’d like to talk about something that holds pretty heavy on my heart.

This time of year, in the hubbub and busyness of all that goes into the holidays, I tend to only focus on my family and friends.  I don’t spend enough time thinking about others and the things we could be doing for them.  I mean, I put change in the Salvation Army jars at Wal-Mart and I buy the bags of food that they give to needy families during my weekly Publix trip… but that doesn’t exactly require much thought.

One of my favorite blogs is MODG.  She’s freaking hilarious and probably not for everybody, but she seriously makes me blow beverages out of my nose on a weekly basis.  Yesterday, she started Operation WANA and it really tugged at my heartstrings.  Here’s how it works… people that have a great need to provide for their children at Christmas post a comment with their email address.  Then, people who can help address that need reply to said comment with how they can help.  Thus far, the response has been incredible.  Families in dire situations that fear they won’t be able to provide Christmas for their children have found people who are opening their hearts and giving them what they need.  People are giving unused gift cards, hand-me-down children’s clothing, old toys, handmade clothing & accessories (knitted hats, gloves, etc)… as well as offering to buy new toys & grocery store gift cards and the like.  Seriously, amazing.  MODG should be incredibly proud of herself.

Reading the comments made me realize how incredibly lucky we are that we can provide for our family.  We aren’t rich, but we have shelter, food, working cars, jobs AND can give Eli a special Christmas morning on top of it.  So, Hubby and I are going to do something more.  We’re not going to help a family on MODG’s blog, but we are going to help a family.  We haven’t quite decided if we are going to do an Adopt-a-Family thing or if we are going to do something through church, but regardless of exactly what it is, we want to show our son that giving is really what this season is about.  And, we want Eli to be involved.  Obvi he’s a little too young right now to help pick out gifts for a family, but as he gets older we want him to be as much a part of this as we are.

I want to thank MODG for putting this on the table… for helping others… for urging others to help others.  And, I urge YOU to look at what you have to give and, well, GIVE it.  Operation WANA is a good place to start, but I also urge you to look into your local area and see where you can help!


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