Sicky Bee: Hand, Foot & Mouth

Last Friday, Buggy-boo had a tough day at school.  His teachers said he just wasn’t acting right.  Sure enough, by Friday evening the poor boy had a fever of 103.5.  No other symptoms… no coughing, no puking.  We Adviled him up and sent him to bed.

Side note:  Tylenol is not so awesome for Bug.  It treats his fever ok, but he doesn’t sleep well on it.  Advil is MUCH better for him… plus it lasts 6 hours as opposed to 4 on Tylenol.  End side note.

Saturday, Bug was very uncomfortable and cranky all day, even though he didn’t really have a temperature anymore.  He hardly ate anything, but was super thirsty.  He drank like 2 full cups of milk for breakfast.  The pitiful mister must have had a helluva sore throat.  I worked all day Saturday, so I don’t know exactly when, but at some point during the day, a rash appeared on his feet.  We chalked it up to grass allergies, which happens to him sometimes if we let him run barefoot in the yard.

By Sunday, Eli was back to his happy, silly self.  Except for the rash.  The rash spread from just the tops of his feet to his legs, his arms, his cheeks and a few spots on his butt.  AND, this was NOT like the rash he got with Roseola.  That rash wasn’t bumpy… just little flat red dots all over his chest & back.  This rash, though, this was bumpy and blistery and gnarly looking.  He didn’t mess with it much, so I don’t think it was very itchy or painful.  It just looked bad.  FYI… this picture is from Tuesday… 72 hours after the rash appeared.

I took him to the pediatrician on Monday and she confirmed what I had suspected: Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.  Pretty much defines the rash – on the hands, feet and around his mouth.  Doc said she saw a few blisters in his mouth, too… he wouldn’t let me look in there to save his life.  She wrote him a “Get-Back-Into-School-Free” card for Wednesday.

Wednesday, I get Bug to school and there’s a note on his classroom door that they have 4 confirmed cases of HFM.  Apparently it’s a very common daycare illness.  Here’s where I wonder… is my kid the kid that got everyone else sick?  Or was it some other kid?  I hope that it wasn’t the former… you never want your kid to be the one inflicting not-happy days on other sweet babies!

Bug’s been through a couple of viruses and a couple of colds thus far, but overall he’s been a (knock on all the wood in the world) pretty healthy baby.  I have yet to deal with (again, knock on wood) vomit.  I am NOT looking forward to that day.  Then I will know for certain whether or not I am the type of person that involuntarily pukes while cleaning up someone else’s puke.  Yay.

Do you have any experience with Hand, Foot & Mouth?


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